"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread




I came up with a relatively easy to escape but still unblocakble if it lands setup.




So on the subject on voices. Anyone notice how weird Tron’s voice is when she calls Dr.Strange? Its like shes speaking through a tube.


I believe they changed her English voice-clip when she calls in Hsien-ko in Ultimate. o.o


Not sure if everyone already using this but - low airdash j.L whiff H, throw is quite strong.


Like… whiff j.H? Ive done similar things by doing j.L at a larger height and then just grabbing them after landing.


This might be just because I’m in GA and we loooooooooove command grabs, but how come I never see you guys using Tron’s CGs in matches? Thanks to Roach and company, I really do use it quite in my matches now. 1-4 Frame CGs are too much of a treat to not use them.

Like in incoming mixups with non-flight characters, you kinda have an option select (probably not even the right term for it) with Tron. You can either backdash-forward dash into Command Grab, or change it up and Backdash into c.M thanks to its godlike range. Its quite effective and no one expects it.


Whutcha talkin bout’, I abuse the eff’ out of Tron’s command grab. 1 Frame and beats everything? Gawdlike. You aint grabbing me at the beginning of the round Magnus, get back!.



So im new to UMvC3 and im playing Tron/Frank/Dante and been practicing combos for like 1 week and a half.
So what do next? Does anypony got any tips and combos for me? When would be a good time for me to finally go online and prove my skills?

PS…[SIZE=2]Im a pad player[/SIZE]


First off, stop that.

The best answer I can give you is never. Online play in no way whatsoever represents true skill. Find a local scene in your area and practice with actual people.

Good work. Though most magnus players don’t (at least not here) don’t mash grab against Tron because they know what she can do :stuck_out_tongue:

Though what I mean is I don’t actively see people using it in her mixup games. Hell, dashup-command grab actually works!


Yeah I need to use Dash up command grab more often, I usually condition people to block well enough, I just gotta grab em now :stuck_out_tongue:


I think its only 3 frames recovery and you can throw pretty much right after.


Here’s a little tidbit that you guys might already use or might have already been posted.

So you know that Bonne Strike is unsafe, right? If you don’t, well it is. -7 and gets grabbed for free unless you cancel into Shakedown Mixer.

However, does your opponent know that himself? I’ve faced many opponents who pushblock it every time (and if they don’t pushblock and don’t go for the grab, you can try to grab them back). This becomes one of her best rushdown/chipping tools. So basically, if your opponent doesn’t know about drill being unsafe, you should abuse it. A lot.

Thats why you see me do it a lot in my matches


Honestly ill do that for the first match, but I always feel the need to tell them afterwards. lol.


I’ve come across this too. At the last local I was at everyone pushblocked drill, even the unsafe non-tk ones. I’ve even told them about the frame data, but I guess they forgot after EVO haha. Honestly, I tend to tell people about its weakness because I don’t want to be accustomed to spamming it when I actually come across someone who knows its punishable.


Also, you guys were having a discussion about here command throws, and I have a question about that too. Is it possible to combo off a bonne strike after starting the combo with a command throw (corner/midscreen.) My standard command throw combo is really weak, but at least it uses both assists. My team is Tron/Joe/Haggar. My command throw set up:

Bomb set up command throw: for this one I use Joe’s bomb assist to bait a block, then dash in before it explodes and go for the command throw. Unfortunately, the bomb hits the opponent during the throw animation, so I can’t use it later in the combo.

-bonne mixer (any version), c.H, call Haggar, j.H, j.S, s.H, King Servbot, s.H, H bonne strike, (Lunch Rush optional)

Standard command throw combo (both assists):
-bonne mixer (any version), c.H, call Haggar, j.H, j.S, s.H, call Joe, S, j.H, j.S, s.H, Lunch Rush

Most of the time I’ll DHC into Viewtiful Joe’s slow super for potential resets, but I feel my command throw combos are lacking in complexity and damage. I’ve seen people combo command throw into c.H, f.H, bonne strike (don’t know which version) into a s.L but I can never get it to work.

Any suggestions?


Tron’s followups for her command grab are generally poor because of the ridiculous amounts of scaling. For those combos, the only thing I can think of adding is more beacon bombs if you can.

Also I have some command throw combos from the combo thread which I posted awhile back.

[FONT=tahoma]22. 624X(H Version used here) > 2H(OTG)6H > 5L,M,6M [jx.] j.HS > 236H > Move back a little> 5H xx 623XX > 5H xx 421H(PDC) xx 236XX::[/FONT]
FONT=tahoma (-0.85 Meter) (Character Specific: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.ph…ron-bonne-general-thread.151734/#post-6312085)[/FONT]

[FONT=tahoma]23. 624X(H Version used here) > Wavedash x2 if necessary> 2H(OTG)6H xx 421H (All Hits)xx 236XX::[/FONT]
FONT=tahoma (-0.30 Meter) (Corner or Midscreen) (Unfortunately this is the most you can get without assists on most characters)[/FONT]


I do this, not sure if your team can do it though:



So yeah Tron’s COC is starting to drive me insane. Everytime I try to use this thing the other character just ends up behind Tron somehow. Gahhhhhh.


:’)))))) airtola finally respects me lol