"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



Stolen, all aboard the Vergil expresss~!


I dont see how you trons do it…just got bodied hard today in marvel and i honestly dont know what to do anymore…i just think im not making any progress with my team of Tron/Nova/Doom got bodied by a Spencer/Vergil/Doom and a Haggar/Spencer/Doom then i had a friend who played a team with Phoenix on point and got bodied by that…im really at a loss…does anybody have any advice to what I can do?



This is just me, but against characters like Spencer and Haggar on point, I think movement is going to be very important. I’m going to assume that the Spencer team was using Doom Beam assist, as I think that’s much better for applying pressure and getting in, but if he’s using missiles, it might not be as scary to me. If it were me and Spencer is looking to hook shot his way toward you in a horizontal fashion, I would try and dash under him and go for an attack when he lands or maybe a quick cross-up air H. Depending on your assist with Doom, playing a bit of zoning with Beacon Bombs might not be a bad idea if you have some distance between you. As for Haggar, I make an attempt to just stay clear from him and fish for Beacon Bombs. On many occasions, creating distance and playing some zoning will make them take to the sky, and on many occasions I’ve gotten one to press a button while I use the H Beacon Bomb, then free combo. As for Phoenix on point, I don’t know what to say about that except to be cautious and smack her. Maybe some of Tron’s projectile nullifying normals can help, like jump S. It only takes one hit to a conversion to take her out, unless they manage to build up 5 bars.

Whether you want to or not, experimenting with other characters can help out as well for certain match-ups, and may end up making things a little bit easier. I played Tron/Hsien-ko/Taskmaster for the longest time, but that’s not really going to help out too much in the long run I think. I’ve been experimenting now with Tron/Vergil/Strange, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the amount of stuff I’ve found out. TOD on most of the cast for 2 bars, and a way to raw tag Strange for some Impact Palm loops leads to some neat looking stuff, but of course it just means spending more time grinding it out in the lab. Of course, then you have to apply it in a real match, and some things are better off learning in the middle of a match than in training mode.

And lastly, it is perseverance! It’s going to take some time to level up, and getting bodied is one of the first steps to learning what happened and how to work on preventing that from happening again. Taking into consideration what makes a team effective can help you formulate a plan to go against that. Knowing is half the battle after all. I know there are some rather unique strategies and teams from the numerous Tron players here which could give some ideas, and there are a good number of videos that should prove helpful as well.

I hope that proved to be somewhat helpful. o.o


Allright lets get a Tron Bonne Evo roll call for this year!~

Whos going? I am!


I certainly will not be there, but I am looking forward to watching anybody who gets any coverage.

Have a safe trip.


One of these days…


So you Tron mains think it really sucks to play her?


The only thing I think REALLY sucks about Tron are her matchups on point.

She’s actually very fun and pretty threatening despite her weaknesses, but dealing with the other point characters in the game is frustrating.

I’m not an experienced Tron player, though, so that’ just more of an outsider’s point of view.


Yes, but ill do so anyway. Cant abandon your day one waifus.


Kinda, but I think she’s underestimated. She’s lots of fun to play and it feels great beating on some of the stronger characters.


Rawr sorry guys. Failed to make it out of my pool this year. D:


I went to EVO, only Tron I saw was Taylor and ABEGEN, both playing matches so I didn’t want to disturb. I believe I may have seen Rikir holding up a tournament notice sign for Guilty Gear, but pool match was about to start.

Pool play:
Unfortunately, I knew my bracket was not going to be as easy as others had it, it had 6 noticeable players (not including myself) TL Kenshin, P.Gorath, BG|Rattana, AndyOCR, FRB|OGTY, and Forward.

I played against the ranked/seeded player in my bracket 1st round, TL Kenshin from Mexico playing Wolverine, Spencer, Sentinel. I grabbed a lot of people’s attention when I would control the match from start to finish with Tron, properly punishing drones every time it was called out while staying safe, I immediately put a target on my head doing so, but at least I gave people a show. 2nd match I end it with a perfect. 3rd match, he started to adjust his combos on Tron, but it was aware he didn’t have as much practice against her. He ended up taking the game when I got caught pressing buttons with Frank and successful incoming mixup against Vergil. Last game, I knew what I had to do to win, and what to look for. I kept my space, and played the match perfectly. Won 3-1

2nd match, I met up against P.Gorath playing Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Racoon, Shuma Gorath. I had watched him play this team briefly at one of The Runback tournaments awhile ago. I remembered how devastating the keepaway could be should Joe get the space, so I knew I had to rush him down and catch him hitting buttons while being wary of the log trap. Whenever he’d start chucking vooms, I’d negate them with j.S, superjump airdash back j.S repeat, approach when I got the chance until eventually moved him to the corner, I wanted him to see that I could block cross up log trap attempts, and I believe that played a good part in beating him. Aside from that, I played my game, and focused on not dropping the combos on the small characters, beat him 3-0

3rd match, had Rattana, known for his Magneto, who was using Morrigan, Vergil, Doom. Started the match knowing what was to come, and I knew I had to act fast, taking risks from time to time, I caught him with a j.M knowing he’d be pressing buttons after he pushblocked my far away j.S, and the rest was all Frank mixups and funny face crusher setups. Here’s where things go bad, even with the momentum of taking the first game, I ended up taking my time at the results screen, and forgot to jump towards him at the start of the match giving him the space to begin his game plan with Morrigan, I made crucial mistakes, and was bombarded with Soulfist and missiles, level 1 Frank left could not get it done. Game 3 was about the same, but this time I had Vergil left. I got the hit on Morrigan, but didn’t have time to adjust the combo to avoid the missiles, costing me the game. Game 3, I foolishly tried to pick Skrull, went for a command throw at the start of the match, and was punished. I got impatient with Frank trying to catch both Morrigan and Doom, often being hit out of the super, until I finally got both of them, however, I no longer had the meter for a followup, Frank was hurt, and so I tried to run out most of the astral vision down, successfully taking 2 of his bars with what life Frank had left. He tagged out Vergil, knowing I had no xfactor left, and any bad move on my part would mean he’d take the game. I was caught by devil trigger dash with spiral sword. Lost 3-1

In loser’s, I met with Kenshin again, where I beat him 3-0, but games were a lot closer, as he was putting Spencer to work this time around.

Loser’s semis, played OGTY, Nova, Doom, Skrull from Japan. It was a mess, we dropped a lot of stuff, and often clashed assists with everyone getting hit. Quite frankly I feel I threw this one away and should have played out the match. I kept getting hit during attempts to anti air Nova while negating the beam assist. All matches were about the same, I blocked, tech’d throws, but eventually got hit or was caught doing crouching moves. His Skrull would get all command throw attempts, and that was the set. Lost 3-0.

Better luck next year lol
I’m happy with my performance, but definitely want to get out of pools next year.


lol I was holding a sign for Vampire Savior :open_mouth:


Oh right right! My bad XD I knew there was Guilty Gear going on in the Beta Hall around that time, so figured that was it.


hey guys, im just curious if any of trons assists are good for lockdown…and do her assists scale combos hard? are her assists actually viable as substitutes for something like…shopping cart?

Im coming directly to you guys because I figure yall would know best. I dont trust asking people who dont play the character. Too many people who have opinions without knowing if what theyre saying is legit or not (like people suggesting Jill / Doom as a good shell…smh)


Good work to all those who went to EVO repping Tron still. Time to get back in the lab I guess…

Honestly, I think the best one might be the Bandit Boulder, but I wouldn’t say it’s that good for lockdown. I don’t really think you can compare any of her assists to Shopping cart as she isn’t really on the screen quite as long as Frank is. Her assists aren’t the greatest for combo extension, but it depends on your team I guess and if they can make use of it. For example Tron’s Gustaff Fire helps me pick up opponents after a throw with either Taskmaster or Vergil, though it does depend on the throw and where I am on the screen. I know Rikir uses it to extends certain Dante combos. So just play around with it I guess. Gustaff Fire is also invincible as a Crossover Counter, and maybe the Bandit Boulder wouldn’t be bad for that either. It’s best for Tron to be on point with assists backing her up after all… :confused:


Evo was awsome. One of those " you had to be here" events. Went 2-2 in my pool. Lost 3-2 to a mags,doom,vergil team and then got 3-0 to a captA,vergil,strider. Something about Captain America that always beats me! (any advice?) :@. Owell, great first year at Evo experience. def will be back next year.


I always have success when I don’t try to go in on Cap because I always get hit by a Shield Slash for some reason. I like to just stay back and zone with Beacon Bombs and a projectile assist and it makes them think a little differently about fishing with Shield Slash.


As a Cap player, theres nothing worse than someone dashing under my wall of shield slashes and blowing me up. Feels bad. Some people dont respect that thing at all lol


^ Tron’s too big to get away with that. :confused: