"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



so…is TK Drill +frames on block? Ive got no experience with tron and im just curious


^ So long as the opponent is grounded, I’m sure that it isn’t punishable at the least. :confused: If you can do it really low to the ground, she’ll recover so much faster too.


My problem with TK Drill is that if you’re playing someone that’s super reliant on grabs and they don’t know the drill is +, you will have a hard time mixing them up after you land. Even if they do know, if they know Tron’s basic buttons by the numbers, they will make landing TK Drills not seem so hot. Tron doesn’t seem to have much to stop people from grabbing her back or jumping out of the pressure fast enough, unfortunately.


Well point of TK drill is to safely chip someone without getting punished. The frame trap you get afterwards is a bonus. Its important to space yourself so that when you land youre out of range for them to grab you if you do plan on going for a frame trap. Otherwise attempt command grab since it will beat normal grab. Reading your opponent is important too, Tron will have an option that will beat whatever your opponent might try to do. Its really no different than any other pressure string.

Think Cammy ST Cannon Drill.


Hey just wondering, does the descending servbot from the servbot launcher hit high when coming down on the opponent?


^ I can’t recall right now, and I don’t really use it all that much really. I don’t think it does though. :confused:


Lol you wish.


Summer Jam was fun! It was pretty sweet having the “Oh you don’t know 'bout Hsien-Ko?” discussion with people in the crowd while Rikir was taking people to task with her and Tron. I saw one or two more Tron players (?), but I hope you guys keep playing her. She’s super fun!


Wait what the hell, you were there? And you didn’t say hi?


I was kinda doing a million different things and the Marvel area was always jam packed. I go to plenty of majors, so I’m sure I’ll see you again. I go up to Toronto pretty often as well, so even if you don’t travel out here much, I will probably see you there if you attend anything out there.

I also would have been geeking out with you way too hard about Tron and/or Naoto so yeah


Man…I gotta get back to the Runback somehow just to get some tourney experience again. Sometime before this game dies I swear!


i picked up this game not long ago, been using tron on point and always use an beam assist to help me get in (doom or iron man), but i need some suggestions on how to deal with some bad matchups, two in particular:

Chris G wannabes online

Deapool players that all they do is jump and air-trigger happy, while also using doom´s missiles



Well, Tron doesn’t have the best ways to deal with Astral Vision w/ Missiles, and Deadpool makes it pretty annoying with the air L Happy Trigger that stops jump-ins. While Tron does have her normals that negate projectiles (and I have to test if s.H and j.H can knock out mirrored Soul Fists?), part of what may help a lot in those matches would be your assists. Plasma beams comes out pretty fast so it does seem pretty effective in helping Tron deal with the keepaway so she can inch forward. With projectiles like Soul Fist, you can also try and protect your assists with Tron’s big body since she’s got some health to burn.

And as I put in another post, if I see Doom putting up missiles, either as an assist or on point, I like to H Drill and cancel to Servbot Surprise while they’re still grounded. That way, even if Tron gets hit by missiles or something else, the Servbot will come out and start beating on Doom. There’s plenty of time to go in and continue the combo as well. All in all, it’ll require some patience, but if you have the chance, try to make it so that the opponent doesn’t get too many chances to get started with the projectile barrage.


i hit the lab and found out that gustaff fire actually has enough hits to cancel the air.L happy trigger because not all the bullets reach tron as he lands

also my gameplan mostly like abegen´s, mid screen gustaff fire plus beam assist (either doom or Mr. Stark) cancel into drill

Another question, whats the best option for when an opponent is in the corner nailed to the ground, lets say he is in block stun due to beam assist and tron is there in front of him, is it a good mix up to either go for a grab (command or otherwise) or go for a cr.L? because im pretty sure grabs cannot be tech´d while crouching in this game but i never seem to get it right, i either get grabbed myself or the opponent just mashes jab and i get caught


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Also yeah Marvel too so lets try getting some games in.


I certainly can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve had the best luck either fishing with full range c.:l: or doing j.:l: with an optional chain into another j.:l: into c.:l:. I don’t go for command grabs because the people I play either mash or super or jump out, so if I sniff the jump, I will c.:l: and if I am not sure, I do j.:l: and since this move has so many hits, chaining into it again can make the opponent really unsure of when you’ll land for c.:l:–it’s like if Morrigan could do multiple shell kicks in one jump and then go low after any single hit.

Command grabs I’ve only found work on tech rollers, but this is at a relatively low skill level, so things may tighten up as you play better people. I try not to rely on things that catch people sleeping in this game because pressing buttons is how some people stay alive and with a character like Tron, it’s never worth giving the opponent a chance to touch you.


I get more command grabs these days than I did a year ago. And it’s weird.

I hardly go for command grabs all that much.

Usually when I’m applying pressure with Doom beam and j.Ms I’ll pay attention to what my opponent does. If they jump to block the assist or j.M I’ll try hitting with cr.L next chance I get. Once I get them to start crouch blocking, I’ll go for a command grab every so often. It works way better than it used to.

/stuff everyone already knows.


not me i just started picking this game up and lurking not long ago


This is how I deal with Astral (skip to 30 seconds). I probably could have laid out a better pattern of So-soulfists, but oh well.


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Jaytoo how could you betray Tron for Vergil/Doom? D:

Good stuff though.