"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



Tron’s Cage:

Its a pretty cool reset. Although most of the time you can probably just kill with the two meters to set it up. Use only if you get a crappy confirm or have to kill Thor or something.


@Rikir i was thinking about that tech and was wondering if you can dhc into Felicias kitty helper and set up an unblockable that way. Im not really a Felicia player so if anyone can test it out that shell might be cheap.


@Rikir Or you know, if you’re using those teams in specific, you can use the She-Hulk Hard Tag reset since I’m pretty sure Vergil can’t get out of it.


That sounds completely reasonable. I probably wont check it for awhile though.


…hello? does anything still go on here?


so, hypothetically (and this is likely a stupid question but) say I’m running Tron (fire), Iron Man, Sentinel (drones). Wondering about which Iron Man assist to use… Beam would be nice for pressure, but drones can do that too. On the other hand, if I use drones to get in, beam can’t really help with combos, and there are lots of nice extensions on Tron’s combos with Repulsor Blast, especially into Beacon Bomb.