"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



There’s always the incredibly unsafe frametrap with Bonne Strike (what with how most of her approaches can cancel into a special now), but you knew that.

Gustaff Fire->jMS is something I could see working on larger characters.

A TK Bonne Strike is +1f on block, but her 8f cL is pretty ass against characters with average speed moves…Servbot Launcher + Shopping Cart pressure on incoming characters has lead to some hilarious (unintentional) frametraps actually. :rofl:

Also, not surprised at how shitty her S hitbox really is, but we all knew that fM is gdlk.


Ive gotten 6H > 5M to work often. Ive even gotten 5H to work (in tournament lol) against a Hawkeye who tried to slide punish me.

2H > 5L has worked for me as well.


that hitsphere video got removed :frowning:


It was pretty bad, I’m sure a better one will turn up eventually.


Hey guys, what do y’all use when trying to safely hit confirm something? I usually use: j.S, j.H, j.L or L/H Bonne Strike till I can see an opening but I always just end up being combo-ed, and I look pretty stupid just flailing around the screen not hittin’ anyone lmao.


I think her best aerial approaches are j.S, j.H and j.M. The thing about Tron I feel is you need to be very comfortable with her mobility (or lack thereof) with ground dashes and box jumps to make sure you can get within the right range to hit with a j.S that isn’t easily punished. Also, vary your approach. Throw in a dash up c.L once in a while, anti air with f.M or rising j.MS, go for an air throw or something… Don’t worry about flailing around and not getting a hit – that’s just a challenge Tron players have to deal with. The reward is that any hit pretty much guarantees a touch of death.


Except for when you go OH MY GOD I ACTUALLY HIT SOMETHING and panic and drop the combo.

I cry a single tear every time this happens.


I cry when I mistime a Drill and Lunchtiem whiffs. Fuck you Capcom. Came across something kinda funny that I should have tested long ago…


I guess this means that any of my three characters can be placed on point to get Frank to lvl5 (Tron can just cH combo off H-Catapault and if the raw tag of M-Catapault whiffs)…


dope shit. i haven’t touched tron in a min. i’ll have to go back in the thread to find the relaunch and all that but good good shit.


Mmm so apparently Fanatiq lost to a 12-year-old who was running Tron/ something / deadpool at The Runback yestuarday. Good stuff to whoever that was!


Pfffhahaha. Is that recorded? I wanna see that.

I think it’s becoming more and more clear that everyone can be played in this game. The major difference between the high tiers and the low tiers is how much the low tiers need their assists.


I watched the match live last night and it was pretty clear Fanatiq was sandbagging. I think Fanatiq is less concerned with winning than he is boosting the kid’s confidence to keep him coming out to tournaments. It’s encouraging for the next generation of fighting gamers and I can respect his decision there, I think Fanatiq can handle the #kappa streammonster shiet for that L. Fanatiq is strong and he said he would take this season of TRB.

Here’s a link: [media=youtube]BZdtj3lyETw[/media]


^ That. Who the fuck would realistically snap a mediocre character back in when they essentially offered their star assist for free? :wtf:

Also, his Tron didn’t really do anything. Had at least 1-2 oppurtunities to ToD Mags and did fucking sM after a jS. wth

Even funnier was how some stream monsters were praising him for using Tron.


Hmm I heard about the Sandbagging too, it does seem like he was. There was a lot of random Magneto empty tridashes and weird resets that lead to nothing.


He was totally sandbagging, he better give me a win at Evo. lol



i tried


B-b-but you can follow up her square jumps with crouching M’s or a command grab! That’s like, two different paths you can go every time you put someone in block stun.


I can’t blame him tbh…





lol damn wentinel got blown up by a 10 year old tron for a match and i play w/ wentinel like almost every week ;~;

edit: ok that kid just murked noah on stream