"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread




Saw this on YT and its a neat tidbit for some newer tron players


Mmm some pretty good stuff, added it to the OP.


Good tech. The only issue I have is that the groundbounce is usually used early combo - whenever I land a beacon bomb, it’s usually off of an assist of some sort.

To that end, I’ve been playing around with beacon bomb -> low or cmd throw reset mixups with some pretty good success. Didn’t realize they could still airdash or doublejump though - need to watch out for that.


It’s always so satisfying to get that Skrull reset.

I dunno man, this is a really combo heavy game but I will always love resets.


old tech (Nerdjosh ran this in Vanilla iirc) and pretty easy to avoid for several cases if you have aerial mobility. Not a bad vid though…

I personally haven’t found it worth using.


Well, I usually burn all of my meter on a ToD vs. their first character, so I gotta do some kind of reset on the second one =P.


Most players won’t expect it the first time and a character without air dashes/double jumps won’t be able to do anything about it anyways.

Good tool to have in your back pocket, at least.


animemoshpit is one of the OG tron/frank players, he just never posts here lol.

In the video it says Haggar can’t go for the dp+H hoodlum reset, which I’ve known, but now I’m curious as to whether he can just kind of tiger knee into skyhigh back drop for the reset…


Update – it works, and its good



Mmm you know the Haggar reset at the end? How does Tron escape that? Ive tried to just hit him with jab but it doesnt seem to work.


Oh since were on the topic of Beacon Bombs… the infinite doesnt work anymore right? I cant for the life of me get even two to hit in a row.


idk, I’d assume they removed it since they said they removed the TK-Drill one. That particular infinite looked impractical anyway.

If your execution is on point, you shouldn’t have to be very meter negative to ToD most 800/900k chars though…


Tron is fukked if she gets jabbed in the corner. Mash assist.


Really T_T?


yes really. if haggar times the s.A super low to the ground, characters without invulnerable air hypers like hard drive and ultimate web throw (i think) and MAYBE nova’s airdash up, they cant get out of it. in less than optimal positioning, the jab reset will not work on people with double jumps, teleports, airdashes etc. but people like tron are fat and slow as fukk so they just take the reset. my advice is dont get touched and gtfo the corner


Ok. I’ve played 2 keep away morrigans in 2 different tournaments and got blown up both times. Do you guys have any hints or do I have to just take tron/sentinel out of the team against a morrigan user >.>


Assuming theyre playing it Chris G style, Tron vs Morrigan + Missiles is like a 10-0 matchup. Your only hope is to get the first hit with Tron and stay on top of Morrigan until she dies. Tron is just too big and slow to deal with the constant volley of Soul Fists. The best you can do is to jump over them and hope you can hit Morrigan on the way down while avoiding everything coming at you. None of Tron’s projectile negate moves are particularly useful here since soul fists come at more angles than Tron can deal with.

And I doubt Sentinel does any better… so… yeah either hope to get lucky or switch them out lol. Its always good to have a backup character since Tron tends to have bad matchups.

EDIT: Well I guess you can try pre-emptive j.H to break Soul Fists if you can get it out on time and Drill to get closer, but youre leaving yourself open at this time.

Also considering that you have Deadpool on your team, I think you should put him on point and scout out the assist and punish with Happy Trigger.


I echo Rikir’s sentiment – it’s a terribly bad matchup. If you notice a pattern you can just block and MAYBE try to f.M xx Drill to get close. j.S nullifies projectiles and if your aerial movement with Tron improves (work on it!) you can open people up with well-spaced crossup j.S from super jump height. If you see Morrigan trying to airdash back/fly away try to meet her air to air with j.MS, same with Sentinel. Both tron and sentinel have good angles on their j.M and confirm similarly if they’re at normal jump height. You also have Harddrive with Sent, so make use of that. I would xfactor on a problem character like Morrigan if I got the hit, tbh.


Ok thanks guys, btw, yes i meant chris G style lol. I’ve been working on my movement with her and i think it’s improving a little bit except the backwwards wave dashing but im catching a lot more people with all of the stuff tron has as well as her range. I’ve been thinking about whenever i run in to a morrigan using tron ammy deadpool or mabye deadpool ammy sent because the random supers with ammy will stuff morrigan in the face as well as doctor doom. Oh well it’s still a work in progress.


Came to general thread to ask if I’ll be seeing Tron regulars here on the forums at EVO :slight_smile:
Dazed? branespload? Rikir?