"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



probably not for me, i’ll be studying for my mcats most likely :<


I’m a wee wittle online warrior. I’m hoping to change this someday since CT actually does have a scene…:frowning:


Im definitely thinking about going, havent made any concrete plans yet but ill start planning something at the end of the week. Im also trying to go to as many majors as I can along the way.


You can save $20 if you register before May 1st, and if you register before April 29th, you could win one of the jerseys they’re making.
It seems you’re just about to make plans, but just thought I’d throw that out.


Mmm ill try my best to geti t soon then


On topic of Morrigan/Doom

Around 1:10, I start covering a little something you could do against Morrigan/Doom
(During a best case scenario lol)


haha thanks that drill thing was actually really interesting though and too bad it really is a 10-0 match up because counter picking is pretty lame. Then again who cares about lame when it comes down to fighting a keep away morrigan lol. We’ll figure something out


as if Morrigan would ever be grounded for a happy birfday. :frowning:

I always forget that assists can also be staggered though…


So did gustaff fire change at all other than the invincibility?




I know this is the wrong section for it but is there a way we can just share PSN’s/gamertag’s to play and get advice from each other online? I never thought about it until yesterday when i played Rikir online and had a lot of fun with those matches. My PSN is SGD25 btw but I was just throwing the idea out there for all the tron supporters in the house haha.


I’m pretty sure the other tron players here are either ps3, or offline only.

/foreveralone360player :frowning:


Yeah I’m on PSN. Name’s same as here. Feel free to add me, pretty sure any of you would obliterate me though due to 1) I mainly play and practice Skullgirls these days and 2) I’m not very good at Marvel to begin with. :U


Speaking of which, I cant seem to add you as a friend, You have too many or something lol.


I do! … sometimes… just totally slipped my mind to post the video here. ><

And train up, fellow Gustaffs! EVO is approaching! :slight_smile:


Hey I may be a little late on this, but Tron’s j.M is frikin amazing. It beats out Trish’s j.H (and also Dante’s j.H) which is near impossible for most characters. Not too easy to combo out of though.

Also, can anyone help with the rapid Foot Dive matchup? Seems like all I can do it sit there and block and hope that the player does a bad input.


chain to jS

also dooms that just spam footdie are fray to jM or fM anti-air. it’s the smart/lamer ones that you don’t want to fight…


Aw man I still havent even registered


So, fun little setup I’ve been running pretty successfully lately:

After a character kill in the corner, pop off a a few M-Servbots (meaty), and immediately activate King Kobun. Let the hyper run until the kobun will grow by itself, then DHC into a whiffed super, vanilla dhc-trick style. Call overhead or low hitting assist for a guaranteed unblockable. (I whiff with Deadpool’s cutting time, and call X-23’s assist).

Costs 2 meters to setup, but you’ll get a full combo for it, so I’d say it’s worth it. Works similarly to Trish’s round trip setups, but better because it can’t be alpha-countered or hard-tagged. If they know it’s coming, they can opt to eat the damage from the Kobun, but you’ll still be able to get a shorter combo on them.

You can use Firebrand or Taskmaster for an assistless unblockable. If you’re not running a low or high assist, you’ll still get an extremely strong lockdown for a high/low mixup.


Can’t the King Kobun be push blocked? I may be imagining things, but back in Vanilla when I ran Tron/Hulk, I remember DHCing from Kobun into Rocks, super, Hulk got pushed out when they push blocked the robot.

Not near a set up so can’t verify for myself