"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



Youre imagining things, it works like Trish’s boomerang. Only Trish gets pushblocked, your other character doesnt.


Cheers Rikir - good to know


Use the same setup as a midscreen anti-air for gimmicks, lol. It’s the funniest thing when I do the DHC, and they try to punish deadpool, only to get bopped in the back by the King.


remember when I used tron/frank/nova? I would do this into whiffed survival techs --> slide + nova centurion rush… pretty cheap! now I use king kobun to set up haggar resets or command throws… another thing I like doing is DHCing haggar out with body press, wait til he’s way above super jump height on a standing/downbacking opopnent, then DHCing into tron’s shakedown mixer lol


Shoot, with the right team, you can probably get the unblockable setup anywhere on screen. With nova, you could King Kobun, DHC into Super Nova, which would end just as the servbot starts growing. Probably works the same with skrull or any other fast super. Worth trying, I guess.


Hey guys a fellow tron player here and I have one question. I know that tron is pretty terrible at dealing with keepaway but this seems to be the only thing that pisses me off I cant get in at all and just take chip. Its mainly against characters like taskmaster and morrigan that I cannot for the life of tron get in on. I know that sH and fM are great for avoiding some projectiles but when theres too many theres no Point of taking the risk of being hit. My team consists of Tron Vergil and Doom if it matters. Please ill take just about any advice.


Pretty much all you can do to get in with Tron in those situations is super jumping, her ranged options simply ain’t good enough for these cases. Wouldn’t hurt to get an assist to back you up to, I’m sure Doom will do you just fine there.

If anyone would like to add to this, that’d be great. I’m sure you and many other people on this thread are far better Tron players than me.


Super jumping will work if the opponent is getting lazy, but it basically shouldn’t ever work - they’ll just dash under you and the whole thing will start again. Your best option is to call Doom assist (plasma beam will do wonders), and approach while they’re forced to block. Otherwise, here’s some matchup tips:

For Tasky, (and any other “traditional” zoners), you’ve basically got to anticipate when he’s going to do up-arrows, jump arrows, or horizontal arrows. If you’re anticipating up-arrows or jump arrows, you can wavedash or drill under them. If you anticipate horizontal arrows, you can jump/airdash under them. The safest way to approach is to move forward, then block after each successful read. You’re going to have to accept that you’ll get hit occasionally, which isn’t terrible, because you can then tech forwards (block on wakeup). Continue to play patient until you’ve pushed him to the corner. If he superjumps, you can basically approach for free, and then continue from the other side.

If you’re feeling gutsy or psychic, you can mash out an H-drill, which will actually hit Tasky when he does jump arrows or up arrows. Link into st.L (it’s actually kind of a tough link). If you’re at midscreen, you can do a psychic st.H xx Drill to beat horiz arrows, or j.M which will beat out jump arrows. Smart Tasky players will recognize they’re no longer at a safe distance to shoot arrows, though, and you can start playing a regular footsies game at that point - watch out for shield skills anti-air and his instant overheads, remember you can airthrow punish webswing.

(I’d probably call this a 6.5-3.5 matchup in Tasky’s favor. Use the opponent’s lack of matchup knowledge to your advantage, and it becomes much more manageable lol.)

The Morrigan matchup is potentially much harder - if you’re up against a zoning morrigan that really knows what she’s doing, your best option is to tag to someone else, quite frankly. If Morrigan does her double-horizontal fireballs, you can basically only block them, then move forward a bit. If she does her jump-double down fireballs, you can try to dash under them if you’re close enough, but at most ranges, you’ll also be forced to block, then move forward.

Again, if you’re feeling psychic, you can try j.H to nullify the jump fireballs, and chain to j.S, but it’s a spotty strategy at best. You can also st.H xx drill to counter horiz fireballs, but if they’re smart, Morrigan can unfly, block, and punish the drill.

If you manage to get in, f.M anti-air is a great option, as is j.M. It’s tough to go for airthrows because of Morrigan’s drill kick. If she tries to run away with her airdash, chase her down - she can’t block while airdashing unless she starts in flight and unflys.

If Morrigan activates astral vision, your only real option is to eat the chip, or superjump and block until it’s over.

(I’d call this matchup 7-3 in Morrigan’s favor, 9-1 when she has meter, lol. Luckily, there’s far fewer competent Morrigan zoners unless you’re out on the east coast.)

This sounds terrible from a theory standpoint but remember this is a team game - if you’re up against a zoner, properly timing your assist calls, and getting in behind them is always your best option. Last is kind of a scrubby tip, but remember very few people have good matchup experience against Tron, so stuff like j.M, or airdash-airthrow will catch tons of people unaware.


Wow man thanks this is really informative. Going to try some of this stuff online and offline when i have the chance. I usually get hit trying to predict when the projectile is comming so i get hit while the active frames of sH. I guess its all about getting a hit and making it count when tron goes up against zoners.


Okay okay okay, so.

Toryuken for me went as: First round is on stream and is somewhere in the stream archives, second match flies by quickly. Then I run into FC Jago and beat him 2-0 at about 6:00:00 (http://www.twitch.tv/torontotoptiers/b/318727076), enter Winner’s Finals for my pool and lose to Dangeresque, then ran back into Jago and ended up losing 2-1 D:.

Well it was a good run… sorta. I didnt get a chance to show off at all ._.

EDIT: Wow I was pretty sloppy, I guess I was pretty tired.


Your Tron didn’t get much play unfortunately but you played very smartly and patiently with Dante in the matches you won, punishing appropriately, good meter management etc. too bad we didn’t get to see TODs with Tron or some serious dark arthur shenanigans… I felt like there were times when you called Arthur when it wasn’t really necessary and messed up your confirms but what do i know, im not 2-0ing jago ;3

good job!


Man Rikir i wanted to see some tron action! :frowning: arthur and dante were doing work but i really wanted to see that tron lol. Oh well props to beating Jago 2-0 really nice stuff. Btw does any1 know where the 1st and 2nd on stream match are? Because i seriously cant find them.


Good stuff Rikir!
It was tough to watch you go from beating Jago to getting timed out twice.
I feel I have the same problem, I can play really well, and then the “sloppy” switch turns on all of a sudden.
It’s frustrating too, because you’re actually trying your best to make it stop, and just keep getting denied.


This is obviously me being ignorant, but why can’t Bandit Boulder be canceled into a launcher after frame 35? I thought launcher counted as a special move. :x


Erghh… im gonna try and explain this. The “S” stands for “Special” but its really just a normal move like L, M, or H. “Special Moves” are more of an attack button + motion, so you shouldnt be able to cancel 6H into S. Thats my guess.

But… for whatever reason you can cancel 6M into S (probably because its part of the magic series chain or something, I dont know.)


Yeah, thats what was bugging me :x


Maybe because 6M counts as a projectile?


So, I want to start using Tron. Where do i begin? Does she have any mixups?

Im using her with Dante Jamsession and Felicia Buckler


Tron’s strengths come from her ability to one touch kill, but has difficulty getting in and opening people up. The way I approach Tron is to apply safe offense but most hits should be punishes, you cant just herp derp with mixups, you kind of need to scout and earn the hits. Get comfortable with her ground and aerial movement and learn her moves that are safe (i.e. c.H instead of drill…)

With Dante you have access to extend your OTG into combos. Look at Rikir and possibly Kerahime for Tron/Dante. Felicia’s buckler will give you unblockable setups that can really help as Tron has good aerial attacks -> j.H and j.S for air to ground especially.


Oh since youre using the buckler, you can set mid screen unblockables. Basically just IAD j.H, call assist, IAD j.whatever and theyll both hit at the same time. If you watch Damian AKA Fecalpenance youll notice he will do this a lot with Dante. If youre looking for Tron/Dante combos check out my youtube, I have everything from basic to hard tag combos.

On basic Tron play, get used to wavedashing and IAD jump ins (This is Tron’s basic pressure). Crossup j.H xx into drill on reaction is important as a mixup.