"Thanks for Playing!" The UMvC3 Tron Bonne General Thread



@Rikir: Off-topic, but seeing the “Evolution 2012” banner on your profile makes me happy.


Yeah I made the last minute registration. As soon as im done with my exams, Ill be grinding nonstop :3.


I’m gonna be wearing a shirt with my name on my back every now and then, so be on the lookout for that XD
I will also be stopping by the Godlike Controls booth Friday and Saturday.
Looking forward to EVO!
Truth be told, I’m most likely getting blown up by any solid keepaway/Hulk/little people, my money’s on Rikir to put Tron on the map, but know I’ll do my best to do the same :smiley:


Hey if I see you ill say hi! And I hope that anyone else that is going will do their best as well :3. If we all at least make it out of pools that would be aweosme.


So is flame still a good assist? Also, is she really as bad as everyone makes her seem? I figure these boards would have a more accurate opinion of her.


In regard to flame assist, I posted this in the tier list discussion:
"The hitbox on Gustaff assist is absolutely SPECTACULAR. It’s technically a shot, and its disconnected from Tron’s hurtbox, so its REALLY hard to trade with it. It beats out Magneto tri-dash jH almost every time. It has a good upward angle that makes it good for anti-airing in most situations, and the duration of its hitbox makes it a lovely tool for setting up meaties after landing a palm with Wesker. Plenty of blockstun and range for teleport mixups, too, and I’ve even gotten tick command grabs off of it.

Also, its invulnerable on Crossover Counter. Wesker’s reversals are lackluster outside of a well-timed counter, so having a jump-cancellable shoryuken in the back is always nice."

So yeah, its still good. Turns the Wesker-Magneto matchup from 4-6 to 5-5 IMO.

As for the girl in a robot suit herself, she still has basically everything she had in vanilla, sans invulnerable Gustaff Fire assist. She has huge health, terrifying IAD pressure, good normals, and some of the best damage in the game. When you’re basically Hulk with a squaredash, NOBODY should be thinking you’re a terrible character.


Yeah, I saw that post, which is why I started thinking about her again. What are people doing after box dash H, now? Her old stuff doesn’t seem to work.


If you need to convert from jH, H Drill is the best way to go. Boxdash jS is your main hitconfirm and pressure tool now. jH is best as a crossup, and not really your main attack anymore. The combo thread has tons of stuff if you want some more information.


Is there a tutorial for UMVC3 Tron yet?


Unfortunately no. If you have any particular questions though, we can all help you :D.


What is IAD jump ins?


Met Taylor the Kid at Curleh Mustache WC ed. We got a little set in, he won the first one, I won the next two, then he won the last two… Very talented kid and his parents are supportive too, I love seeing stuff like that. I forgot to actually introduce myself so if Taylor is out there reading this, I’m the only other Tron player around here, nice meeting you and good games!


instant Attack Dash. Its basically air dashing and attacking at the same time. So input the dash and cancel it into an attack button.

Oh you guys went? How did you guys do? I dont recall seeing any Tron players on stream.


I’m a nobody as far as the tournament scene goes, so I went as a volunteer with the fighting game club at my alma mater that hosted the event, not as a high roller competitor. Taylor was invited but I only saw him play his first match vs Snakedux, which was off stream.

The set I was referring to was just some casuals… but it brought some hype because i guess nobody has seen tron mirror footsies lol.


Whats up i had a lot of fun at curleh talking to u and all. The set was especially fun. I kept disrespecting haggar assist and running in to it >.> but ah well. P.S y was curleh overrun with stupid vergil’s and zero’s -_- i hate them a lot


yeah ggs, im gonna try to steal some of that king kobun --> whiff DHC fuzzy guard/tick shenanigans like you do with cutting time to overhead.


Hey guys! I’m new to the shoryuken boards, but I’ve been following the tron threads since Ultimate came out. Hope you’ll welcome a fellow Tron main!


Welcome to the SRK Boards! And more specifically, the Tron forums! If you have any questions related to Tron just ask, mkay? We’re all pretty friendly here.


There can never be enough Tron mains.


i would love to see a tron team take first place in EVO…if only i were that good