Thanks for the help guys, now i need more

ok, i posted here maybe about one month ago when i just started playing gief. i am now at G-2 “C” now, moving up the ladder slowly. i got a lot of help reading this forum but now need more:

– Ryu and Ken that don’t jump and play footsie with you. generally, couple fireballs to push me away a bit, then wait for me to jump so they can dp me if i don’t, walk toward me again with c. mk, fb and the whole process starts again. chip my bar little by little. these matches are so boring and frustrating. and when you do get them in the corner, they do the flying hurricane kick and go the other way. there are not that many players that play this well (the ones i meet are all G2-As). some of the matches ends in time running out with me behind of course.

– Honda, how do play against good Honda’s? what the general strategy? i saw someone asking this but no one really answered.

how do i do this, how do i do that… sigh…

RYU and KEN = EXGH when u see the walking toward you. —> Cross up.
bait the runaway hurricane kick the otherway and EXGH that.

Honda = focus bait lariat pattern those sumo head butts. if its a good honda and they have EX meter when you cross them up they will EX sumo splash you, be careful. watch out for his gay neutral jumping fierce to hands to standing round house. when i fight a good honda its really a slug fest, crap trades left and right.

This is why we need Character Specific Threads.

well, there is no character specific thread…

for ryu, i know about exgreen hand when he walk toward me but he is also anticipating ex-green hand so he walk up a bit then defend and if i miss my gh, it’s punish. it’s just a really tough match up…i only see these type of ryu and ken maybe once every two hours online. but i want to beat them so bad because they are obviously the best ones out there.

My advice is to out footsie them, use St.MP, DF+MK, Close MP,HK, Cr.MK, and if you can squeeze in a couple jabs and/or and hit confirm them into a green hand all the better. Once they start getting into that look for good opprotunities to LIGHT SPD.

It’s critical to use the LIGHT SPD, it has spectacular reach AND grabs forward moving collision boxes. That means if you time it right you get to laugh hard as gief APPEARS to grab people from three character widths away, when hes actually connecting the Light SPD with an extended leg or arm Collision box.

generally, if you start outpoking them or turn every attempt they make at it into an spd in the face; then they start backing off and keeping their distance, and thats right where you want them.

  1. It should be in the character match-up thread, I’m not a forum nazi, but most folks around are…just to let you know

  2. Your lucky if your fighting Ken’s & Ryu’s who zone using normals…its very rare I come across anything more than fb/dp spammers with regards to shotos.

  3. If you getting hit is because of lag…alot of shoto footsy get thru because of lag, then you have to work on being a bit more psychic with your ‘retreats’. IMO it sounds like you need to work on just bulldogging your way a bit.
    a) less cool down on a standing block; if they and you block low, block high next for that fb (no other attack of theirs will reach you except for a tatsu variant which is easily punishable), this allows you more time to react. On the flipside to that, if you have meter and are doing a good job ‘reading’ them, then flip the game on its side and mash d/f after the block and do the EX GH to smack that incoming fb’s cool down.
    b) practice short juming. If done right and consistently, you can bait dps (watch for EX DPs and Kara-DPs though) while jumping over their footsy attempts
    c) the timer is ‘long’ be patient walking in…sometimes even pretending to be ‘frustrated’ works in the mind-game department
    d) s.rh and d/f rh are your friends. They are the longest reaching normals of Gief and both lead to good things. d/f rh either beats or trades with shoto footsies…so you get a knockdown either way. As well its a very safe way of closing distance at mid-range, with their only ‘normal’ retaliation being a jump attack, which gets eatin by a c.lariat. s.rh is a bit more risky, but just as if not mroe rewarding. If they are engauging in a footsy style defense/zoning by ‘picking’ their spots, you can usually slip a s.rh in. More than likely they’ll either block it, duck it, or try and counter. From my experience (whcih means its not law heh) punishing it after block isn’t so great from the shoto perspective as the cool down starts rather early in the attack, so while not safe if predicted, if not predicted it closes distance, pushes them into the corner or in a best case scenerio, they duck it…at which case we know as a gief player you were buffering a jab SPD, right?
    e) I love just as much as the ext Gief, but shotos who play ‘low attack’ footsy games are out of its reach usually. It works great on Ken, but not so much on Ryu. I use it as bait for Ryu shrug
    f) is your friend. Its not a ‘great’ move usually, but it does a great job at ‘snuffing’/crushing crouching pokes. If you feel a poke coming on, don’t hesitate to retaliate using it.

shrug I’m done for now, hope it helps.

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Careful with both and the sweeps, both are -10 on block. (lunging sweep -11)

ok i am going to take all these advices to use. i am also thinking using the jump down fierce, as that has long reach and trades with dragon punch if he doesn’t time right.

also went to read up on the match up thread on the Ryu board, and in their matchup thread against gief…the main mantra is “keep it at half screen just out of ex greenhand’s range” lol…someone put it to good use against me. we gotta outsmart them!

i agree about meeting couple real good ryu and ken. the ones that spam fireballs and dp’s are getting real boring and a good 60% - 70% of my matches are against ryu and ken.

time to train and play

well thank you captain obvious…

Man yeah I feel ya there. Good Hondas are fun to fight though. It’s still a 50/50 to me on winning. There are one who spam HBs all day long so jumping mk snuffs that one and i play footsie then . . . of course usually I get the splash from the other player and that’s when SPD comes in handy. . . if i have ultra i pull that off. Lately i’ve been missing blocks!! I wonder if it is my controller!! I kept getting splashed even when i’m holding back . . . damnit.