Thanks from the Newbie

I’m really appreciative of the VERY FUNCTIONAL streams that were present the entire weekend.

I’m a fan of fighting games, but I would call myself super casual with them (especially these days). However, it was a lot of fun to watch these streams (of which I did starting Friday night when I first found out about the event).

I think if I had to rank my top moments…

  1. The grand finals for MvC.

  2. Latif’s gauntlet.

  3. Poongko destroying Daigo.

There were many others though… but it’s all a blur right now.

So anyways, thanks to everyone who organized the event and especially the crew handling the tech side of things. This weekend has definitely piqued my interest…

…and while I may not be adding anything to the competitive side of things…

I’m at least giving a +1 to the community :slight_smile:

First time watching EVO on stream myself. It was truly exciting and full of hype! Thanks to all involved that brought this to our asses at home!