Thanks from the 'Vegas cab collectors :-D

Just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank-you to Mr. Wizard on behalf of the Las Vegas arcade cab collectors for allowing us to bring two of our cabs to the BYOC this year. :slight_smile: We had a slightly late start today, but the cabs have seen non-stop play since we powered ‘em up. Jangofatt was particularly pleased to see all the love folks were showin’ for his Rival Schools board. Thanks to everyone who spent some time on the cabs this evening – we’ll bring some more boards for some possible swap-outs on Saturday. :smiley:


I was really surprised that people were so into Rival Schools. I’m a little bummed that we were unable to bring the bigger cab again this year. I was getting so many requests for Rumble Fish again. I figured people would have been bored of that game by now.

Like Chris said above, I hope everyone enjoyed playing some obscure fighters like Martial Master and Kaiser Knuckle. I’m also excited because I now realized my Magical Drop III skills are not where they should be.

If you enjoyed playing, let us know. Personally, I want to make sure the EVO community actually cares just so I know all the trouble was worth it. :wink:

Send us your game requests for next year and hopefully it will be bigger and better.

Thanks again to Mr Wizard for letting the local cab collectors to share their games with the community.

Double post… Stupid iPhone

Thanks again guys for bringing the cabs again this year. The Rival Schools was hella hype. I am hoping there can be more cabs there next year. With more games going console now days its good to have some OG representation. I was happy to see some Rage of the Dragons & Power Instinct make it out there as well. Damn I wish I had known there was a demand for Rumble Fish, I had the PS2 copy with me at Evo.

Also thanks to Bernie for bringing his Astro City cab as well which showed Vampire Savior and Hyper Fighting some love.

Those cabs were awesome. Thanks for bringing out those cabs and giving us all nostalgia for those old school games.

Yea thanks fella’s for letting me play on your cabs! It was fun to play some Real Bout Special on an og neo mini cab. Please let these guys bring theircabs back next year. Also if anyone wans to challenge me in rbs next year on the cab hit m up before hand.