Thanks from the VF people


I just wanted to say that all of us from Virtua Fighter Dot Com who were at the event had a blast at Evo 2003, and thanks so much to all the people who put it on.

While I don’t know most of you, I think I should thank the Cannons, and big thanks to Tragic for all the work he did.

I feel like all these new doors are open to us, not the least of which is greater understanding between players of different games.

Thanks again, and I hope you’ll have us back for Evo 2004!

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Even though I didn’t play, it was so refreshing and fun to watch that I might pick it up. In VF2 I played alot of wolf and jacky so beware. awoooooooooo.


Even though I couldn’t make it this year due to financial reasons, I would like to thank everyone who made VF possible at evo2k3. Special thanks goes out to the cannons and Tragic.

If you guys have us back next year, I’ll definately be there.

Big thanks again.



I would also like to thank you guys. Having VF present is much appreciated. Though I was unable to attend and offer support, you will be getting my support for BOTH sets of dvds when you release them (time to start penny pinching).

Perhaps next year I can grace you with the presence of my “newbishly scrubby” gameplay, for all of the fighting games :smiley: .


I was only able to watch this time, but it was great all around. Without the support of the SRK staff, it wouldn’t have been half the event it turned out to be. Hope to do it again next year.



Thanks for all the help to bring the VF community to a mainstream fighting audience. If anyone wants to learn more about the game there are many VF groups all of the country and is a great place to meet these people. Trust me once you go to a gathering its hard quit…its almost like crack. I myself am apart of the Socal group so just IM me if you want some more info.

p.s. the game is only 19.99 for PS2…get it because its a damn steal at that price.

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"The Rock"to play Black Adam in upcoming Shazam movie!
"The Rock"to play Black Adam in upcoming Shazam movie!


I hope everyone turns out on this thread to chip in their thanks, but if they don’t… for every guy that went and thanks you, there are prolly 10 guys who wish they could have gone and should thank you anyway.

I look forward to the next tournament. I’m really pleased to see get the recognition it deserves, and I think without something like EVO2K3 we’d have a harder time drawing japanese players to the west. So thanks.

I hope you guys sell a million DVD’s btw.


Wasn’t there this year, but will be the next. Thanks guys for making a huge international VF gathering possible.


Thanks to the Evo2k3 staff for organising such and amazing event and adding VF to the game list, even though I couldnt be there this year, but Ill sure as hell will try next year.

Cant wait for the DVD to come out!

Thanks again.


I’m glad VF was here this year. Hopefully the turnouts only get better.


Thank you a bunch for the great tournament.

As a member of VF community, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see

us having opportunity to play and hang out with top Japanese

players. You guys did a great job organizing huge tournament,

and I am sure much more people will attend the event a year

after. Thank you again.



Thanks for holding vf it was dope. As was the rest of the tourney. Watching ohsu and chibita play streetfighter was great as well.



Hey all,

I’m a member of VF community and wanted to thank you guys for having VF4: Evo, even if I couldn’t make it this year… Hearing about reports from the event make me quite jealous I couldn’t go :slight_smile: But it’s all good, hopefully you will have VF4 next year and I’ll make it for sure…

See ya,


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Hey everyone! Thanks for the totally kickass VF4E setup. You didn’t have to accomodate us, but you did anyway, and for that you all deserve our heartfelt thanks. I had a great time at EVO2K3 not only playing VF, but meeting lots of new friends from SRK and learning a lot about other games people enjoy.

I’m very much looking forward to buying the tourney DVDs, BTW. The Third Strike finals alone make it worth it. :slight_smile:

I hope SvC has a tourney next year!

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I just wanted to say on behalf of the staff that we really appreciate this thread. There seems to be a lot of miscommunication and a lot of animosity for some reason and I hope everything can be worked out.

VF4:EVO provided one of the best tournaments to watch (I think everyone was suprised) and I think everyone there was really impressed with the game. My roommate even told me after EVO that he always thought VF was a slow game and had no idea it could be as fast as was displayed. Tekken4 on the other hand was the worst thing known to mankind and I’m pretty sure at one point every single person in the audience was asleep.

Hopefully with VF4:EVO coming out as greatest hits this week there will be more and more people playing it and the community will grow here in America like it has in Japan.

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I’d like to add my thanks too, for everyone that made this happen. I only wish I could have been there to see it all in person and compete. If I’m still playing VF this time next year, I’ll be there for sure. = )



Myke here. Finally back home in one piece.

Just wanted to say thanks to the Cannons, Tragic, the SRK staff and the players for their tremendous support and allowing us to play a small part in EVO2003.

Wow, what an experience. Here’s looking to the next!


Hey everyone!!! I would like to thank everyone that made VF possible at this event. It was soo fun meeting everyone. And I loved watching the Capcom finals. I hope you guys can get VF in next year!!!


it’s good to see vf4: evo at a big tourney like Evo 2003. Good job to everyone. I wish I could have gone. But I have a sick mother that needed to be taken care of. Perhaps next year.


Muchas gracias for having VF at Evo this year. It was an incredible experience being there and I hope to come back next time. Excellent job, folks.