Thanks to all the SRKers who helped me through my mom's cancer

You guys made a massive difference last year. That was a lot of you guys who made sure there was somebody that would just listen. Venting here about the different aspects of it made an untenable situation easier than it would’ve been. A lot of stuff can be said about the value of GD through out its years, but 2020 showed how much a community mattered in here as much as just playing.

Since the thread where all that happened was deleted, at the very least I should leave a big thank you here. It was a pain in the ass modding all of you for all those years. It stressed the hell out of me a bunch of times but it also kept me engaged here. If it weren’t trying to keep Secret Santa alive, I would’ve quit this place years before all this happened.


What Preppy did in the week before my mother’s death and after was unforgivable and ruined what was left of the community here. What d3v did then to protect Preppy afterwards equally insulting. either of them being affiliated with anything here is an absolute embarrassment to what’s left of this place. It also speaks of how well d3v covered up the tracks for Preppy. I hope I never have to see either of you trash human beings ever in my damn life.

don’t let those two awful wastes of being ruin a lot of the great stuff that came out of here.