Thanos-a Glitch (Capture Type)

I was playing my god-cousin (who is 21 but just ok in MvC2) about a week or so ago with the team of dual Wolvy and Thanos-a. My main goal was just to get in vs his team and pose the threat of mix-up into bubble as much as possible, so I went all-out reckless. In one of the matches, I was playing his point Commando when he called his Colossus-dash assist as I called my Thanos-a. From what I could tell, the following was going on atm:

-Commando was doing Captain Fire
-Colossus-dash assist was on-screen
-Thanos-capture assist was on-screen
-Wolvy was jumping uf and got hit by Captain Fire

Commando cancelled Captain Fire to Captain Sword on connect iirc. I’m not sure who Colossus hit if he did at all, but during the HC start-up of Captain Sword, I noticed my Wolvy was caught in Thanos’ bubble. Check out 7:20 in the vid below and tell me what you think happens. Is that just an impact circle or a DHC flash effect that happens at the bottom right or was I really in my own Thanos-a for just a moment?

Scary when your own assists turn against you :razz:

[high quality highly recommended as I use my webcam as a recording device atm]

edit: i think there is a circular flash that shows right after Commando’s Captain Fire connects…so this may not have happened actually :confused: