Thanos' bread and butter combos enjoy!

I’ve been playing Thanos for two years and these are the combos i came up with. All combos that have the psylocke assist work with the Spiral ground type too. I dont think anyone has these combos if anyone does let me know.

1] d.c short> s. roundhouse+Psylocke assist (anti-air type)(assist hits)> bubble trap (dash towards) xx gauntlet space xx [51%]

2.] Opponent near corner. d.c short> c. fierce ^ j. jab> j. short> jab titan crush> D+roundhouse(otg) v xx gauntlet spacexx [49%]

Ironman, and Thanos in this order.
3.] Mid-screen. j.roundhouse v d.c short> s. roundhouse+Thanos assist (capture type)^ sj. short> sj. forward> sj. roundhouse (capture hits) v d.c short> s. roundhouse^ sj. jab> sj. short> sj.strong> sj.forward> U+fierce xx U/f air dash xx a.d short> a.d forward> U+fierce xx fierce unibeam. [??%]

4.] j. short> j. roundhouse v d.s jab> c. forward xx Gauntlet power xx roundhouse+Psylocke assist (anti-air type)(assist hits)> bubble trap xx xx Gauntlet space xx xx Proton cannon xx [100%]

5.] Opponent in corner. j. short> j. roundhouse v d. jab> short > strong > forward> roundhouse xx Gauntlet power xx xx Gauntlet power xx (super jump) sj. jab> sj. short> sj. strong> sj. forward xx fierce titan crush xx [57%]

Cable and Thanos in this order.
6.] Mid-screen. j. roundhouse+Thanos assist (capture type) d.s short> forward> fierce> fierce (capture hits) xx Air hyper viper beam xx xx Air hyper viper beam xx [?]

these should get you started =-) i will post more later.
Tell me what you think, and why are so many people front running

Wouldn’t the correct cable combo be Fpxx(lp)schimitarXX[AhvbxN]?

You could, but he wasnt talking about any Schimitar. Just standing FP, only one hit xx ahvb.


thanos’ bread&butter combos pt.2

more combos enjoy!

Thanos and juggernaut in this order.
1.] Opponent near corner. d.c short> c. fierce ^ j. jab> j. short xx jab titan crush xx D+roundhouse v bubble trap> juggernaut assist (dash type)(hits)> bubble trap> d.s jab> short> strong> forward> roundhouse xx fierce titan crush xx xx Gauntlet soul xx xx Juggernaut headcrush xx [100%]

Psylocke, thanos, and ironman in this order.
2.] j.roundhouse+Thanos assist (capture type) d.s jab> short> strong> forward xx short psi-blade xx (hit short for more hits) (capture hits) d.s jab> short> strong> forward> c. fierce ^ sj. jab> sj. short> sj.strong> sj. forward> U/f+ roundhouse (jump U/f) dj. jab> dj.short> U/f+roundhouse> short psi-blade xx xx Kochou gakare xx Gauntlet space xx xx Proton cannon xx [100%]

spiral and thanos in this order.
3.] call dancing swords, d.c short> c.forward> roundhouse+thanos assist (capture type)(capture hits)> metamorphosis> teleport> tsurugi tobashi circular> kyuukouka dance v xx metamorphosis xx xx gauntlet space xx [??%]

Sentinel, storm and thanos in this order.
4.]opponent in the corner. j.roundhouse+Thanos assist(capture type) rocket punch(capture hits) d.s roundhouse ^ sj. jab> short> strong xx hard drive xx xx lighting storm xx> c.short> roundhouse ^ sj.jab> short> strong> forward> lighting attack> lighting attack xx lighting strom xx xx gauntlet space xx [??%]

Thanos and magneto in this order.
5.] opponent in the corner. j.short> j.roundhouse v d.c short> s.roundhouse xx gauntlet power xx xx magnetic tempest xx> c.short> c.roundhouse> hyper gravity> c.fierce+thanos assist(capture type) ^ sj. jab> short>(forward??)> fierce(capture hits) d.c short> c.fierce ^ sj. jab> short> strong> forward> hyper gravity xx magnetic tempest xx [??%]
note* i’m unsure if you need the forward duing the first air combo.
note* cancel out immediately after the gauntlet power.

strider and Thanos in this order.
7.] j. roundhouse v d.s jab> c.short> s.strong> forward> c.fierce+Thanos assist(capture type) sj. short> sj.strong> fierce(capture hits) v d.s jab> short> strong> forward> c.fierce ^ sj. jab> short> strong> forward, short(jump up) dj.jab> dj.short> strong> forward> fierce kuuchuu gram [??%]

tell me what you think , i’ll post some more combos later.
thanos is the most unrated character.

Thanks Bootknocka, I use to use Thanos alot but I like faster characters, though he does have some kick ass super combos. :slight_smile:

combos pt. 3

part three is coming soon characters are

iceman, psylocke, rogue, venom, strider, ironman, and doom.

How do you do the bubble trap and the bubble infinit<<

Thanks in advance. OTG Gauntlet Power,Gauntlet Power,Gauntlet Soul does about 100% on shotoish characters

Here’s a few combo’s

1.Dash-in lp or lk,Fk Dddff+KK for Space.
2.Dash-in lp,lp,lp,Fk or Lp,lk,lp,lk,Dddff+p,Dddbb+KK for soul.
3.Dash-in,lp,lk,c.Fk,Dddbb+pp for reality
4.oppon in cornerDash-in lp or lk,Fk,Dddff+pp for power, dash-in or if close enough,lk Dddff+pp for power and then Dddbb+pp for reality or Dddff+kk for space.

Thanos bubble infin is
oppon in cornerB+k,dddff+Lk, dash B+k,dddff+lk, dash B+k,dddff+k repeat…

Thanos is extreamly cool as shit despite his size and he’s all about rush down and in your face action.

The recommended super with fast prioty, but risky is the Soul super. It stop almost everyone in their tracks, plus after oppon is hit and lands they can’t tech, plus u can Mash the buttons when doing it.

I do use reality for distant keep away type players like cable and Iceman. Believe it or not reality is pretty damn fast and catches most ppl off guard cause it comes from the front and back. I’ d say u should estimate your oppon distance before doing it though. Also it’s hella effective against Mag,Storm,Sen,IM players. It cuts the triangle jump shit out.

Capcom made Thanos’s supers with delays as his main weakness if missed except for the Power super. In MSH(marvel super heroes) He was much stronger and these supers had hardly any delay. Truthfully I wish they would have given him his Time super where it changed the background and made your chrc slow as hell and block in the oppisite direction while thanos retain his speed.

Anyway that’s about it. Oh by the way if anyone is interested I also posted Spider-man’s infin under the Spider-man thread along with a few other things. Did I forget to mention that after a super jump Spider-man can web swing up to four times to avoid coming down too soon, plus he can cancel anyone of the web swings with MaxSpi.

bread and butter pt.3

most of these combos are untested because sadly i’ve unable to test them my self due to lack of free time to go the local arcade. let me know if any don’t work.

doom and thanos in this order.
in the corner. d.s short> forward ^ jab> short> strong> forward> fierce grab> short> D+roundhouse (air dash down) xx air proton arrays xx xx gauntlet space xx[??%]/untested/

thanos and doom in this order.
in the corner. j.roundhouse v d.s short> roundhouse+doom assist(anti-air type) bubble trap ^ j.fierce> air titan crush> jab> fierce> D+roundhouse [??%]/untested/

thanos and doom in this order.
in the corner. j.roundhouse v d.c short> s.roundhouse+doom assist(projectile type) bubble trap> B+roundhouse> bubble trap> B+roundhouse xx gauntlet space xx xx electric cage xx[??%]/untested/

psylocke and thanos in this order.
in the corner. j.fierce> j.roundhouse v c.fierce ^ jab> psi-shot(double jump) jab> psi-shot> psi-blade xx kochou gakare xx xx gauntlet space xx [??%]/untested/

venom and thanos in this order.
in the corner. fierce throw> c.roundhouse+ thanos assist(capture type) venom bite(capture hits) d.s jab> strong ^ sj. roundhouse> sj roundhouse v j.roundhouse> fierce web throw [??%]/untested/

iceman and thanos in this order.
in the corner. j.fierce> jab> short> strong> forward> fierce+thanos assist(capture type) icebeam(capture hits) d.c short> c. roundhouse ^ jab>short> strong>giant ice ball xx ice storm xx [??%]/untested/

captain america and thanos in this order.
in the corner. j.fierce> j.roundhouse v d.c short> s.forward+thanos assist(capture type)
s.roundhouse> fierce shield smash(capture hits)
d.c short> s.forward> s.roundhouse xx final justice xx [??%]/untested/

rogue and thanos in this order.
in the corner. j.roundhouse v d.c short> c.forward> c.fierce ^ sj. fierce+thanos assist(capture type) sj.fierce(capture hits) sj. D+roundhouse v d.s short> s.forward xx hyper dashing punches xx[??%]/untested/

tell me what you think. i’ll post more later…

Here’s a few combo’s

What do you mean by dddff+lk

Re: Here’s a few combo’s

What I mean is do his lk bubble.

wht do u mean by bread and butter how do you start off. and does thanos have a infinite…?:bluu:

infinite: j.roundhouse v B+roundhouse xx short bubble trap xx again…

oic thanks for the tips there. do u put thanos on the firts fight or on the second, or the last part…??? can he beat those top thiers…? like mag,cable,storm,…/???

It depends, but ususlly I put him first or second. If I’m against a top tier chrc I put him first. Believe it or not Thanos can hold his own and then some against top tier chrc.

His FP has wide range and descent recovery which can stop most jump attacks.

Not to never forget too the fact that Thanos’ dash keeps on going and doesn’t stop(not for quiet some time)use it to your advantage by rushing a oppon down with his jabs which hit pretty low.

As far as hyper combos against mag and storm players u can rely on the Power Ball super to be there as your set up if they try to rush u down. As far as against Cable the Soul hyper combo is the fastest thanos has to catch cable at midscreen or close range.
However when full screen away I recommend doing the Reality hyper combo because of it’s speed, plus it cathes cable players in the back when they go for the HVB. The reality hyper combo is also what I recommend against Sentienal because when Sen does the Sentinal force across screen or close up The Reality Hyper combo usually wins out every time Also granting Thanos temporally invinciblity for a few seconds.

But the answer is yes Thanos is good against top tiers. In fact if you hit u can Super jump and hit Down+FK which may cause thanos to bounce back, but it knocks your oppon out of a crouch guard and it set’s up for good assist.

that is a good idea kooky, this could work. example combo:

opponent in corner. d.c short (opponent crouch blocking)> (jump) D+roundhouse+assist> air jab titan crush(assist hits) v bubble trap xx gauntlet space xx

oic so in depends on the setuation that you have… well thanks for the tips!

Colossus + Thanos in that order.

Opponent in Corner… j.hp,, sj.lp,,, lk shoulder tackle XX Power Dive [hits once on the way up then again on the way down] xx Gauntlet Space [100%]

This combo is so damn evil and does a lot of damage. This combo can kill another Colossus player at level 2 damage. The only problem is that it doesn’t kill Sentinel. For some reason Colossus misses the power dive on the way up… so that defeats the purpose. :bluu:

here you go this kills sentinel i think. i never got it on a sentinel player before.
colossus and thanos
opponent in corner. j. roundhouse> s. roundhouse ^ sj. jab> short> strong> forward> F+fierce> roundhouse+thanos assist capture type> c.short> short shoulder tackle(capture hits) j. roundhouse> d.s roundhouse ^ sj jab> short> strong> forward> shoulder tackle xx dive bomb xx xx gauntlet space xx {untested}

if you pull off this combo rub it in.