Thanos doesn't suck

I mashed out some shit in training mode and here’s what i came up with

His s.fp has ridiculous priority+ it has a variety of uses

opponent calls helper with their back to the wall dash in s.fp + tron delay XXpowerball

after that hits, thanos can jump up air lp->fp, land dash in s.fpXXpower(if they are still alive)

his air will cross-up like magnetos fierces, pretty easy to do too.

ex: dash in lk, call tron, sj tested this a bunch of ways and i saw really random results, mostly the crossup).

you can also sj and use it to whiff, land and then go low. its possible to do this pretty close to the enemy. it recovers instantly it seems like when it doesn’t make contact, thanos can bait with this. If opponent tries to drop helper when u dash in, just dash back+tronXXPOWAAA. if they stay put, rush that shit down.

how can u RTSD with ugly chin you ask?

for some reason his jump arc is perfect to combo into tron from his instant overhead.


dash in lk, call tron, jump upforward lk(hits even storm in the head while she is crouching),fk(whiffs), thanos lands, lk,lk,fkXXPOWAAAA!!!

you also have to option of calling tron and then jump lk, delay at this point) XX airheadbutt special for laughs.

one more ghetto combo

dash in,,s.fkXXfk bubble dash in and do one of two things

chain XXpowerball

or chain into aircombo FS, then on wakeup, either bait their helper(tron+power super if they call it), counter hit them with s.fp into zoning or you also can do jump lk+tron,delay fk, land lk,lk,fkXXPOWAAAAA

i know he doesn’t have an airthrow, i really don’t care, this dude is hilarious


his snapout will hit from around 60% of the screen away.

also his jumping fp seems to have a stupid hitbox too.

ugly chin/morrigan/tron

anytime somone gets hit, thanos can chain into tron+powa supa same time, slight delayXXsoul eraser.

for some reason that combo does extra damage.

I think that i’m randomly getting the double assist glitch by supering right before tron hits+ both supers. try it out a few times and tell me it doesn’t look wrong…

u can also counter call an opponents assist using morrigan and then POWA, POWA for 85%

if you’re close enough to the corner, thanos can use his dash in jump fp, land s.fp

or he can dash in s.fpXXheadbutt chargeXXPOWAAA to close the gap between the chin and helper.

he needs bar, but fuck if he doesn’t drop people with it

edit: if you’re fighting vs a char that has weak basic combos to retaliate(strider comes to mind)

opponent drops a helper, early tron POWAAAA XXsoul eraser

duke nukem and take whatever they throw at u

typically you’d get lucky and land this on an aa since thats most common punishment angle, this will let thanos and morrigan use tron freely vs whats left of the opponents team. Suicide strategies FTW ;p

If u need to dhc morrigan in, just do thanos POWAAAA XX darkness illusion and she’ll ride in the middle of the powaball+whatever blockstun it gives->chain+tron = RTSD 0-0

Thanos is a very underrated character for whatever reason. He has a nice set of tools to use. I’m using him with Charlie/Samurai.

the one thing that fucks up thanos is that he can’t air throw anyone. So if you stay mobile vs him, it makes it hella hard for him to become effective. He’s gotta do some tricky shit to hit you clean.

he’s only underateed becuz ppl see the CPU use him and he doesn supers and then there is so much lag it is free lol

but really, thanos has high damage, high defense, and power supers and a tri-jump

i dont know how charlie and samurai work with thanos, unless u plan on not supering. Thanos and samurai are horrible together becasue both eat supers, its one or the other, not both, and charlie cant do shit to help them.

man fuck this thread lol:rofl: , My roommate plays Cable/Thanos/Tron sometimes and i always tell him “man, dont bring that shit in here,” and one day i showed him this thread so now whenever i say that he goes “Haven’t you seen that thread on Shoryuken? THANOS… DOES NOT… SUCK!”

instead of saying “Thanos does not suck” it would be nice if someone posted some strats on him convert the non believers :rolleyes:

One nice thing is you don’t have to wave dash, you can dash once and hold forward to keep him running.

you can assist kill with multiple powerballs. after it hits they fly up a bit for enough time for another. Powerball, call drones(or storm,doom whatever) to pin point guy while you do second powerball.

Seeing Thanos cpu play is actually kinda insiring. It shows you some of his moves priority and speed. Such as: s.fp , s.rh, c.rh, s.lp. all pretty fast and out prioritizing

how about you read some of the thread instead of the title next time killer.

This is a good thread-- I’ve got a Morrigan/Thanos squad I put together as well. It’s MorriganAA/ThanosBubble/SonMonkeys and I’m calling it Team Bee because the team combination pretty much lets Morrigan play with the same sort of space control and tactics as VS Qbee.

edit: i have a bad habit of half-posting–

here’s the deal with this team

Morrigan basic gameplan is work in a launcher plus monkers, 3-4 hit air combo, sj.HK, land + recall either monkeys or throw Bubble depending on the situation. This is your basic Honey Bubble screen fill bizarro tactic jump-off point. With the above setup you can choose to throw after your assist recall, or sj. add for hi-lo, or sj f/uf for your x-up/pin.

Theres a couple ways to punish assists if they try to get out of your monkey/bubble rush with an AA or suitable counter. One is to anticipate a call after the initial launcher/monkeys by doing sjHP as a one hitter to skip FS then qcf KK air super xx POWAA. The second one is the pull the complete monkey rush then dash back if you see something fishy and super DHC Powwaa.

With this squad i find myself just wanting to build a rainbow with a tentative rush/dance around stylee then dhc to Thanos with the sole intention of fryin assist and dhc/tag back.

Don’t bring up QBee. I get excited. I play her (and Vic) in VS lol

Yeah it was targeted toward those that gave no proof not the latter. Read my post again it makes sense


dont mind me, i’m apparently really stupid

I like bubbles.

Thanos is DHC friendly, has above-average stamina, his Powerball takes up a huge portion of the screen, and his capture assist makes me want a rubber ducky.

Lies, just plain lies. Charlie is everyone’s friend. :woot: Thanos wouldn’t mind having a Charlie-antiair on his crew.

Fuck. Charlie wouldn’t mind slamming your ass into a bubble or launch into BK cross-up into a bubble. Charlie can link his qcf+PP super off of a bubble and tag in Thanos after having built meter for him. Charlie doesn’t have to burn meter. Charlie anti-air can GB into bubble for corner infinite and it’s hard to evade that Flash Kick even from full-screen on character entrance, b/c it sends a wide arc after the kick itself. And that’s just the beginning. Pffft. Charlie is EVERYBODY’s friend. :woot:


If charlie had a slightly faster dash speed and his overhead hit everyone while they crouched…he’d be pretty high up there.

as he is now though, he’s still really really solid, his anti air having limited functions is his biggest drawback imo. useful but not universal sounds about right

aaww good shit pointing out that option to tag in Thanos free from charlie qcfpp. I like that plus Thanos DHC to Sonic Boomage for my Powaaaagh Glitch team.

Glitch is honestly broken. Do POWAA dhc ASAP so flames get stuck then thanos leaves. When you bring em back he’s got dat flame-bubble attached waist-down. Slide in Bonerine Scoop assist for stealth mode-- all his low hits are covered up. The hitboxes/momentum activate when thanos does qcf p so you can set up double POWAA combo. Top shit is when you put him on qcf p ASSIST the POWAA still activates so you can run Super damage on assist for assist punish.

Charlie/Thanos/Wolverine aka Team POWAApuffs
____haven’t fucked with this outside theory mode

Wolverine/Thanos/Bonerine aka Team Tokyo Breakfast :smokin:
___ I stole this from a japanese cat-- i’ll find the name bc this dude is so sick. He’ll get you in S-UP infinite reset to bubbles xx free reset xx free reset. POWAA dhc dp+P immediate Spd-UP = teh rush. Now that I figured out how to set up POWAA assist I think i’ll opt out of bubble if im feelin gdlk for ghetto doom chip.

This team just knocked off Team Pedophile from the best dumb team in marvel

Gief/Mega/Roll btw

Whoa. The glitched Power Ball stays on Thanos as an assist? And it does heavy damage with his dash assist? :open_mouth: That’s like glitched Jugz…but it’s Thanos instead. O.O

Team Pedo…nvm.

Haha, Team Pedo…whut.

Why are you playing with Roll?