Thanos Glitch?

I’ve only seen the AI do this and I’ve seen it at least 5x since I’ve been playing.

The glitch is with thanos on point. Thanos will do the Power Super (qcf + PP), but at the same time the Space Super (qcf + KK) will come out.

I know you can follow up the power super with another super right after, so no need to inform me of that. Besides, that isnt what im talking about. The supers come out at the same time. 1 super flash, 2 supers. Im not sure if it cost 2 meters though, because I never actually noticed.

So, any idea how to do this?

i’ve never seen that in my entire marvel career.

Well, like I said it doesnt happen a lot. Seeing it 5x out of 7 years of playing…

I did see today at the tilt again, which is one of the reasons why I made this thread. And IIRC, this is what happned:

I was Sent, CPU was Thanos. Thanos does space super from full screen away, I do a mouth beam to interrupt. Immediately after, Thanos does the power super, but the space super also starts up. Even though thanos is in power super animation.

its weird.

I imagine you’ve just canceled him and given him the ability to do another action… ?

[quote=“Preppy, post:4, topic:29424”]

I imagine you’ve just canceled him and given him the ability to do another action… ?

Even so, it doesnt explain how 2 different supers started at the same time. And it wasnt like the the start up of the space super lingered the for a bit. When I hit thanos with the mouth beam, thanos flipped out (LOL), the super was cancelled (nothing from it was on the screen). Then thanos did the power super, as soon as it left his hand and while in his throw pose, the space super started up again.

Grrr…I want to figure this out so bad…lol. I wonder if its just something a little faulty in the game, though.

this is probably one of the weirdest glitches i’ve ever read. Will cpu thanos do that glitch in training mode?

Thats a good question. I dont see why it wouldnt…just play 3x thanos.

I’ll check this out.