Thanos Infinite?

I’v heard, and seen on a few occasions. A thanos infinite that involves his bubble move. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how exactly it is performed?

set it back to hundred days…:slight_smile:

ithnk it goes like this:

{hold back+s.HKXXlkbubble,dash forward} just repeat

hehe, that bubble combo…i mastered it at home and tried it in the arcade against a human. didnt work…that bubble is weak as H2O. but it will work against the computer…

Actually, the bubble trap does hella damage, but after the 3rd or 4th repetition its not worth to keep doing because the damage scales way down on it. After the 3rd bubble I cancel into the power xxx power xxx soul. Here is a little more advanced combo you can do.

corner bubble trap xxx Power,, lk, qcf+lp, [slight pause], d+hk, Power, Soul. 100% I think. I haven’t used Mr.T in a while.

By the way, the corner bubble trap doesn’t work on some characters. Dr Doom being one of them.

after the down+roundhouse, the opponent will bounce and then roundhouse+assist bubble trap xx gauntlet space xx

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ok then, here’s another 100%

opponent in corner. bubble trap> dash b+roundhouse> bubble trap>dash B+ roundhouse> bubble trap> d.j fierce v d.c short> c.fierce ^ a.j short> fierce titan crush> (D+roundhouse) otg, roundhouse+ psylocke assist(anti-air)> bubble trap> j.fierce v d.s short> b+roundhouse xx gauntlet space xx

with large characters you need to do assist with the bubble trap to trap him.

if you want do a guard break when the opponent jumps out, hit him with j.fierce + psylocke assist then bubble trap
perfect the opponent is in the corner bubble trapped, just this combo. the only time this combo gets tricky is with sentinel but thats it.

Am I mistaken or is Dr Doom the only person you can’t do the bubble infinite on?