That annoying super i cant do

Rock has a super that requires to push a combination of buttons.
(im talking about the one that starts with a qcf,qcf+lk)

well i have the shitiest time doing it, i cant get the buttons in right and the super just…stops… witch leaves me in for a big counter attack.

Any tips on how to pull it off, and how much damage does it do when rock is ratio 1??

It’s all about timing. Practice the timing in training mode and you should be fine. And if they block it, just stop at like the 3rd of 4th hit into it because if you continue, then you’ll lag more and eat massive combos.

Ill assume the Super you are doing is the Neo Deadly Rave (HCB F+lk, lp, lp, lk, lk, mp, mk ,hp, hk, QCB+hp)

ALWAYS WORK IN TRAINING MODE WHEN YOU WANT TO PRACTICE SOMETHING (combos, etc.) But for real experience, go to the local arcade.

What I do is HCB F lk, when it hits, I press lk again just for a timing thing for me. then the rest is easy. First when i tried this, I thought exactly the same thing as you, “How the hell am I gonna do this?” but look at the buttons, 2 lps, 2 lks, then ascending order in strength alternating between punch and kick.

How I got this down was I sat down one day, and said to myself, Im gonna do this Super, and Im not getting up until I do. So I tried it, I got the activation of teh super down, the rest is timing, Thankfully this super is pretty lenient on the timing, so each player will have their own “way” of pressing ths buttons.

To get the timing down, (assuming you know what quarter notes, rests, and eighth notes are in music) I thought of the button preeses as music, the lps and lks were “Eighth notes” and The mp, mk, hp, hk were all Quarter notes.

Basically to sum this up, Practice makes perfect.

If they do block it, perform the super up to HK, then do,, to push them away.

Also about the damage, This is Rock’s most damaging (and most flashy) super, so think of a Lvl3/MAX Shine Knuckle and add like maybe 500 Points of damage to that number.

Wow thats great, ill practice it,

I play drums so the notes thing: GOLD

thx so much man.

… i gotts do it fast thats why…
thx again