That Asian Girl

I just want to give props to that Asian Girl with the tattoo on her shoulder…shorty was lookin’ hot.

yeah i’d tap that too

was she wearing a short skirt on saturday night and a smoker? :tup:

this thread is worthless without pics.

dude that’s my sister…how bout we close this thread right now.

What does your sister look like?

she’s pretty damn hot

Can you have a house tourney? or can we come over for casual?

Tell your sister, hello

dennys cousin looked pretty good from far away, but my eyes are ass so I dunno for sure… Also some asian girl where black pants and red shit thingy looked good to. But again saw from far away so i cant say for sure…

YO Hoonyo:

She wasn’t that girl in the mini, but I know who you’re talking about. She was pretty fly, too

that could of been jaha’s batch so layoff

isn’t jaha a wanna be gangsta?

What’s a Jaha?

lol, she was very pretty. C Royd wouldn’t have gotten any, I know that fo sho, lol.

She is beautiful. Now close this thread.

onto a different subject…everyone add me on Myspace.

Yeah yeah, me too.

this is now a Myspace thread.

Myspace gave me spyware. :frowning:

Post pics first before you close this thread, please!

a bunch of sf fanatics that can’t get none, so they talk about some girl they saw at evo. LMAO