That crazy rising tackle combo



Hey I just wanted to share the wealth with you guys by giving away the secret to the A-Groove combo where Rock totally flips out with this insane custom combo. I forgot where I learned this combo but I’ve been using it for god knows how long, I think it was in a combo vid or something.

If you want you can do the jumping in hard kick, but I don’t recommend it unless you’re sure to hit. Also, remember to have your foe in a corner for this to work.

First you activate A-Groove (duh) then you trip your foe with a crouching hard kick.

Afterwards keep ducking and do a crouching hard punch to launch your foe a little higher into the air.

Then perform a hard rising tackle about 3 times, this is probably the most damaging part of the combo.

Then finish it off with a rising storm.

This combo is extremely easy to do after you get used to it, plus it looks really cool. I recommend this combo to anyone who knows A-Groove.


So ummmm guys, would it be ok if i called this guy a n00b? not in a mean spirited way, but in a nice and sophisticated way. lemme know wut u guys think


Judging from his name, I think he’s just a bored person sneaking onto a random thread and posting useless information for the hell of it.

As opposed to the rest of SRK… :rolleyes:


Re: Re: That crazy rising tackle combo


like me. :smiley:


Thats his basic Corner CC…


cmon even Im a newb ( well…)
and I wouldnt think of using that combo.
stick with simple high dmg custom combos.

besides the most dmging one I think is the the crouch HP 7 times xx qcb hp hit once xx crouch hp 7 times repeat.

good try anyways.



activate xx s.jab, s.short,, s. rh, 2x s. fierce ( if ur fast enough… or until his s. fierce changes from close s. fierce to far s. fierce…) xx hard edge xx 1st hit 3x c. fierce, s. fierce until far s. fierce…repeat… end with s. fierce xx shine knuckle… or…

if u get to the corner w/ enough time… sweep xx c. fierce juggle twice ( u can do this after the first one but…) xx power dunk xx rising tackle xx rising storm. ( u can do the rising storm in the first few frames of the rising tackle… which is what i meant.) not very easy but definitly great.

i can do it on my mas and at the arcade not consistently, mind you, but it works the timing is precise… to say the least.

YO JESSE UCR JESSE, i was interested in getting a joystick done by ur friend pep… if he still makes them pm and ill give you my email add. to give to him. thanks alot man.