That damn good



i think his defense is great:D


…could u explain why…i mean i love your opinion and all but:confused: …people n strats and tatic forums usually like some form of an explanation to a statement like that


Well, he has a few good AA options c. HP, High counter, and Raging storm. He has higher vitality than most characters. If you are fast (or your opponent becomes predictable) his counters can make the opponent think twice before throwing out random pokes, etc. Yeah, his defense is pretty solid; however, I find that he is more effective when pressuring the opponent rather than turtling up. He has decent pokes (s. HK, s. HP) and cross-up (j. MK). His s./c. LP is great! Use it as much as you can when you get close to the opponent 'cause it will open up some nice options for you. The B-n-B I use is c. LPx3, c. HK. You get a knockdown. Good stuff (can also be used as a blocked string. Remember that if the opponent is playing A, N, or K groove to buffer a (MP) Repuuken after the sweep to deter any safe-falls. If you are sure you are gonna hit them (they whiff tiger uppercut or some nonsense) then the combo I do is c. LP, (close) s. HP xx (MK) Jaiken. Good Damage! Just try to cross them up, knock them down, punish jump ins with any of his AA (preferably Raging storm), keep the pressure on. If you let up, then characters like Blanka, Vega, Bison, etc. will give you a hard time and jump all over you. Just remember that Geese’s jab will out prioritize almost any poke and it is fast so you can risk throwing it out there if you think they will try anything. Watch out for supers though. :stuck_out_tongue: