That Damn Vegas arcade again!


Hey guys,
So I got hit with a cease and desist order for trademark infringement for the term barcade. Had to wipeout websites and postings to keep the powers that be happy. No hard feelings, the guys from Barcade Brooklyn were pretty awesome. Needless to say, I’m back and need your help again.

For those who don’t know, here’s a quick introduction. I’m in the process of collecting the final portion of start up capital for a Classic Arcade Bar and Lounge in Las Vegas. While I know there’s a market for a gaming, drinking, and music, investors and banks seem to think otherwise. I’ve been running circles to collect close to $500K to make this happen and I’m so close to getting it completed. We’ve got over 40 machines already just sitting in storage so I want to see this happen.

So basically, if you’re 21+ and would like to see a bar/lounge hangout with food and classic arcade cabs in town, I could use your help.

Go to the website below and if you think its something for you, ‘like’ it or post on our wall. With your help, INSERT COIN(S) will be a reality by the end of the year! To those who came through the first time, thank you. And to those who haven’t yet, thanks for your time!


Las Vegas Classic Arcade Bar & Lounge | Facebook


you might want to check out the tm for Insert coin. There’ a shuge convention in the UK called that.


You should check the trademark on everything you decide to name to make sure its not taken first and then if it’s not fuckin Trade Mark it lol.


Thanks for the headsup on the name. We have submitted paperwork to the USPTO and the process can be lengthy. Regardless, the name of the spot isn’t nearly as important to me as selling the concept to certain investors. I’m definitely going about things in a non-traditional fashion but considering market trends, you gotta do what you gotta do.


This sounds awesome.

Love the concept!


Do you guys have a general website yet?


If that name doesn’t end up working, I say you name it Round 3.

Ah hah… see what I did there? It applies to fighting games as well as a round of drinks… >_>


Cosign on the name! Of the 3 so far, “Round 3” is the most attractive, imo. Nice!



I propose that we call the arcade, “Noah’s Arkade”.

Have two of every arcade machine. Paint every other machine pink and attach bow ribbons and fake eyelashes to give them a feminine feel. This will appeal to the female demographic.

For your bar snacks, always serve in portions of 2. Two burgers, two hot dogs, two paper-boats filled with fries, etc. Since you are offering double portions, simply make the food smaller or “mini-sized”. Mini-sized food also greatly appeals to the female demographic.

You, yourself will dress up in a white beard and carry around a staff, making thunderous announcements and random conversations with people in Olde English. Also, for your outfit, make sure that your six-pack is visible. Girls go crazy for a fit Noah.

Lastly, have a small stable where parents can lock up their kids in cages. This is also where you can detain captured children who have gotten lost by straying away from their parents.


Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party Time, Party Time