That fighter you've always wanted to learn!


We’ve all been there before, that one fighter that you think you should learn or could learn to play but just can’t seem to get around to it or can’t quite push yourself to try. For instance, I really enjoy Real Bout 2, Last Blade 2 and V Savior…but for whatever reason I just can’t seem to get into them like other games. Then there are those weird anomaly cases like Ring of Destruction or Cyberbots or Plasma Sword…really cool games, but what is the point of learning them when maybe five other people in the entire world know anything about them?



KoF in general. The feel is just so different from SF, I can’t get used to it nor have I really made an honest attempt to learn it. Maybe one day.


Always wanted to learn MvC but never had the time, so when I do play it, I just button mash FTW


I’d like to try Breaker’s Revenge. I heard it’s godlike.


All air dashers.

Just too crazy for me.

Guilty Gear is the only one in particular I like and want to really learn.


I’ve missed the wave on CvS2 and Smash Bros. Melee. I knew people who play these games at a tournament level, but I was too into ‘gaming’ in general. I’d like to have learned ST and some other old Capcom gems like Cyberbots and VS.


CvS2, not the casual play we did back in college, but proper competitive CvS2, A-Groove, ShoShoShoing, fence painting and all. If just so that I can entertain Ryo (or BAS you guys know him) better the next time he comes over.


Guilty Gear/BlazBlue.

Always wanted to delve into it, but I either couldn’t find a copy or got caught up in another fighter coming out.


@D3v 'Dem bison Shenanigans too


DoA, VF, Tekken, Soul calibure but I don’t like the insanely long move sets.


the older 80s/early 90s arcade fighter/beat em up hybrids like street smart, typhoon girl, capcoms arcade wrestling games or any game where there isnt a tutorial and you have to figure stuff on your own.


in capcom wresting games, muscle bomber/slam masters 1 is pretty good and fun to play. There was even a snes port of it. But muscle bomber 2 simply isn’t so good…they taked out what maked the game unique to make it closer to others fgs.

My list of fgs i want to learn in the future: Vsav, samurai shodown V special and virtua fighters



the 3rd game was the first fighter I’ve ever played… but i still button mash and dash at my opponents with punches. I was actually playing the 6th game(for the first time in a long time) yesterday and I really am liking how nina plays and feels like. The moves list is a bit daunting for me. I realize that its a move and then variations of that move,but damn i’m terrible at dialing combos.