That Hideous Select Screen!

I can’t be the only one who greatly despises the character select screen, right? I know it’s not really that big a deal as it doesn’t detract anything from the game. But I loved MvC2s select screen, and Vanilla had one that was reminiscant of that. I also hate how characters from the same series are all bunched together.

Hopefully if* and that’s a big if they do more content for UMvC3; we’ll get a nicer select screen at the end of it. One that looks more like the MvC1,2 and Vanilla 3 one.

Yup, you’re pretty much alone on this one…

I think the character select screen looks really good like a comic book, now I can see the reason to complain about the HUD I think it sucks but I am use to it anyways I think your alone on this lol

I like MvC3’s better, but Ultimate’s is nowhere close to being bad. I kinda liked the 3D models being shown when going into a match too, but oh well.
Also, the HUD is pretty good in Ultimate.

The only issue I have with it is that the music for training room select and online select are different. I just wish I could use the training mode character select music for the online as well, some of the beats get me pumped.

Otherwise you are alone in your hate for the character select screen. It serves it’s purpose.

No it’s not. :frowning:

I fail to see why this is a problem.

The screen is okayish
Half the faces look really fucking dumb like ryu’s and cap’s
the music is shit though. . . bring back vanilla music as dlc thnx

I hated the update. I wish they kept the select screen from vanilla. I also wish they kept the health bars and whatnot like vanilla as well… I dunno why they went and changed all of that. It’s not like it was broken to begin with. I’d be willing to see a change to this if they decide to update the game.

Everything is easy to see. The 3rd member is on top because that’s how the team is set up on the pre-battle stance (when the point character says something stupid), and you really should know what order your team is in the first place.

These are all opinions of course, so believe what you like