That joysticks recommend me for games like Street Fighter, KOF, Tekken ...?


They are my favorite games, and I am constructing “Fightstick” and need that recommend to me that joystick is the best … now I am considering a Fanta Myoungshin…



First you should elaborate more on what you have, or were are you headed in construction, i.e., with pictures.
Secondly, read the stickies before posting, there is alot of information gathered at on single thread for you to read, that would enlight you on that matter.
Finaly, a Fanta is not a very good option, unless you are acustomed to their feel or you dont want either the japanese or american brands.


ok thank… is my first pad arcade… searching more information…

thank you…


why…do…people …do… … … … . … . … … … this…


Dont troll, either post something informational, or dont post at all.


Since he is using Fanta I would assume he is Korean. In that case then I’d stick with that since it’s the common part over there. It would also explain why his english isn’t exactly up to par and may have had trouble with the stickies.


MvC2 = HAPP Perfect 360 or iL Competition stick
SF4 = Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS32
Tekken = Sanwa JLF or Korean stick like Fanta, although it’s unlikely a Fanta joystick will be the same joystick as at an arcade if you intend to play competition away from your home console

KoF = ??? I’d imagine Sanwa JLF since this game is big in asia.


I am Chilean, because of it my English is not good :rolleyes:

Thank you for the answers, it is my first stick and what I have is a Fanta Myoungshin.

thank, you have given me a good idea.