That layer on top of the HRAP3?

If you take out the HRAP3 plate and look at it you’ll see that it’s separated into two layers. I was wondering is it possible to remove the thin top layer? I’ve seen people peel off the top layer to the Hori Fighting Stick 3 and the Hori Fighting Stick EX2 so why not the HRAP3?

If I were able to peel off this layer and most likely expose the screws that keep the joystick plate mounted, would I be able to switch out the mount to a seimitsu mount?

I know I might have do some heavy modding to get the mount on, but I’ve never seen a topic on this, and I thought it would be interesting to try.

IIRC, the mounting bracket is welded onto the top metal plate, so switching out the brackets is going to be a pain

That’s not cool. =(! Do you have any ideas for changing the mount?

That’s heavily dependent on what sort of joystick you’d like to put in it!

Regarding the HRAP3 top layer, it can definitely be removed. I bought a gutted HRAP3 from here assuming that the top would still be on, and I was quite surprised when I receieved a bare metal plate! :lol: (Miscommunication, both parties equally responsible.)

Oh I was thinking about putting a seimitsu mount on it instead. Hahah. Lucky you!

The Seimitsu LS-32, by far the most popular model from that brand, should actually be mounted riiight underneath the metal control panel. That is to say, if you buy it with the flat mounting plate, I think that you can simply drill a couple of new holes to accomodate for its bolts/screws. This is indeed fortunate for you, since attaching new mounting brackets would probably involve drilling, metal-cutting, welding, and hell, among other things.

Ahaha! I think I might try that.