That New Melrose Place Thread (you know you're gonna watch it)

One of the greatest shows ever in the history of tv is coming back. That’s right, I’m talking about Melrose Place. Well now there’s a new one and I’m not afraid to admit, I’m wildly looking forward to it.

Granted, my old faves aren’t gonna be there (no Amanda, no Jane, no Jake, no Allison, no Kimberly, no Peter). But my main man, Michael Mancini is gonna be there and you just KNOW he’s gonna be fucking somebody (that’s all the nigga did in the old Melrose).

Another kinda sad note is that Ashlee Simpson is in it. :frowning: Yeah, I’m not a fan of hers. There seems to be only one real hot chick and that’s the blonde Cassidy. The other two chicks seem to be kinda "blah:. However, I have faith. It follows 90210 and I like the teeny-bopper ass going on that. Melrose has a lot to live up to.

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You know you’re gonna watch it. Just be honest with yourself.

Hmmm Im kinda thinking about catching it. I mean, the old one was great! Every chick was psycho and hot. The plots blew my 12 yr old mind away. Shit’s different now.

Show already starts off with a bang. Sydney doesn’t last the 1st commercial break before she’s killed/kills herself. Pool dude is gonna have trouble cleaning that.

There’s this dude who acts EXACTLY like Billy from the old Melrose Place. The chick he’s with is cute. Kinda like a low-rent Zoe Saldana.

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Ella is the blonde’s name. She is beautiful. Is… is she a lesbian on this show? :wow: :wow:

Edit* MICHAEL!!! :tup: :tup: :nunchuck:

whoahhhh shit…the main man DR. MANCINI is back! Instant bonus cool points, 'cause oh yes, Mancini was The Shit?.

Ella is quite delicious. It would be nice if she was a lesbo. I’d agree this show needs to add some more hot ass to the roster.

*Ashlee Simpson?! That looks like a completely different person.

That aussie asian is the doctor? Nice! The blond chick reminds me of Heather Locklear. I loved her!

whaaaa? Dude needs to get outta here with that integrity nonsense. He accidentally stumbled onto some excellent leverage against a big name in the industry, and he just throws away such a prime opportunity?! The guy was DESPERATE and willing to hook him up big time just for keeping his mouth shut about what he just saw…and he threw that away? What the fuck, man. If I was in that situation, you better believe I’m taking the money. If the dude wants to pay me a cool 10 to 20 grand just to forget what I saw and delete the footage, the Price is Right…and his secret would be safe with me.

yeah, this guy is definitely the new age Billy…because he’s a sad-sack little chump.

I seen some girl on girl action in the preview so I might have to check it out.

HOLY SHIT!!! The blonde IS BISEXUAL!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:

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The hottest chick on the show is bi? Has that ever happened in the history of tv?

YES!!! And the doctor is a moonlighting prostitute!!! Yes!!! Finally something to watch on Tuesdays!!!

haha, it’s good to see she thought it over, and came to the logical solution. yeah, make that money! Most women want to pretend they’re better than that…they’re giving it up for a price anyway(*unless you count jailbait…a guy just has to be older to hit it off with any jailbait broad…they’re not exactly high maintenance); the “indecent proposal” is just a more direct way of going about things.

I bet Steph Jacobsen could suck a mean one. Her mouth is perfect for some top rank oral pleasure. Just imagine looking down to see that pretty face giving you all kinds of amazing lip service. It really is a shame she’s hiding the accent though…that’s one of the things I like about her.

Agreed. I would pay to see that mole of hers levitate in front of me too.

I just finished watching and GATDAMN is this off the chain. They got me hooked already. I’ll be watching this.

I’m just wondering how long before 90210/MP crossovers start happening? Because just like the old days it’s gonna happen.

haha, this is why you don’t get married, folks. That popstar was CLEARLY wanting “Billy, part 2”'s dick. He had to turn it down of course because he has the fiancee! Ahahaha, ya chump. It’s no big loss though, she’s not really as hot as Riley.

Whoah…his girl Riley is going to stray THAT fast?!? whoah WHOAH…oh my goodness the DRAMA. Goddamn I love shows like this, I can’t help myself.

are their any minorities this time around?

heh, “Riley” = black chick, very cute/hot, imo. She’s currently engaged to “Billy, part 2”. What a dope…it’s amazing to me that he could pull a hot piece of ass like that, but then again this is the fantasy land of tv.

Even more bizarre is that it appears he could easily hit Ella with very little effort as well…she seems to care for him…similar to Heather Locklear from the original…Ella is a bit cold and occasionally ruthless about various things in her life, but she seems to have a soft spot for this chump.

Josie Bissett shows up next week! ( to refresh your memory…she was on the original) She was one of the cutest girls on the old show…SO adorable, that one. Yeah, The Mancini got all up in that one too.

I gotta say, Ashlee Simpson looked, dare I say, SsSsMOKIN’ to end off the show last week. I sported a pretty serious chubby over her in that black dress. I never thought she could look like that.

MANCINI!!! Awwww, that poor moley girl. Does she know she was just talking to the biggest mac in the history of 4616 Melrose Place? Oh. And he’s married to Brooke Burns? Damn that man is a pimp!

Billy v2’s girl is so solid. Love that smile. Great cheekbones.

Damn I wanna do Ella.

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So what’s the deal with Michael’s son? Is he a compulsive robber or what?

Wow. Ashlee Simpson is… i can’t believe I’m gonna say this… She’s fucking hot!

MANCINI!! Everytime I see him on the screen I have to say “Mancini!”. Poor Steph Jacobsen. She wants that job so bad. Doesn’t she know all she has to do is give him some ass and she can get the job? Mancini has never been one to turn down a POA.

Whoa. Jonah is getting crushed on and turns down some rock star ass. Jonah is SO Billy V2.

Really? Riley is gonna stray just like that? A couple of drinks and a “I don’t have time for you right now” and she kisses the chef? Ugh. Doesn’t look good for the happy couple.

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MANCINI!!! Wth? Is his son trying to blackmail him? Really? Does he know who he is fucking with?! :lol:

y’know it’s going to blow up when she finally caves into her conscience and tells Billy v.2 the truth that she kissed Chef. The smart thing to do is just take that secret with you to the grave…y’know, to avoid stirring up a problem in the marriage. Ignorance is bliss, and that was just a kiss that she’s desperate to blame on alcohol (*nigga please, you weren’t falling down drunk, Ms. Ri-ri…get outta here with that. Women are always so quick to blame shit on alcohol later on.)

yeah, it is surprising how Ashlee has improved herself lately. Chef could so easily get a piece of that, btw…it’s so obvious she wants some action from him. I wish I had things that easy…I mean, she can’t even come close to concealing that. She has this look like she wants to just rape him right there in the courtyard.

Oh yes, Amanda is coming back!


Jane still looks good. I’ve kept an eye on her since she left Melrose. She looked good on Secret Life of an American Teenager.

Ella is fucking hot.

I guess Ashlee Simpson is the crazy chic of the show. Runnin’ from the cops? What for? Just deny you know anything.

Ella is so hot.

Funny how Billy v2 is acting like he’s never gotten that big break. Motherfucker turned down a 100 grand two weeks ago.

Oh that’s right, I forgot Jane used to do cosmetics and fashion and shit on the old Melrose. Yup, Jane is still as gullible as always. Oh wait! Jane calling the cops? I gotta admit that’s a shocker.

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Ella is sooooooo hot.