That pesky magnetic blast [u,uf,f]

im trying to think of ways to make my self never produce that by accident, espically when tri-jumping

so what is ur technique. i dont have a technique right now. during normal comboes that are just c.hp etc. i never get it cuz i just dont have to press u uf f and punch but when i try and rushdown (im just learning RTSD) i get it sometimes. like i might call storm assist and dash in and press c.hp and that might work on some ppl but other ppl are already crounching so i thought i would dash in then normal jump forward and air dash downforward hk then dash in c.hp and that works in training mode but in real life situations sometimes the air wave comes out so im thinking i should dash in normal jump then put the stick to neutral then hold d/f and dash.

so i guess my question is, does putting the stick into neutral stop u from doing the air wave thing.

Umm… Yerah…

i know what he is saying, basically im not use to triangle dash at all when it comes to arcade or stick over all, i can do it on pad well im still learning on pad but im doin it, when i play on stick i seem to SJ in air but then i go to addf i end up throwing that projectile down to the ground instead of dashing down so it’s rather annoying, or even when i do dash down the kick never comes out. so he actually askin best way to avoid that projectile coming out. I would ask the same but it’s already been brought up in other threads about that problem and the methods ppl do like claw/and slideing the fingers down the 3 buttons.

Any time you need to go from d to u, go from d to ub instead. Instant fix.

i was thinking about doing that i said “ill just do either uf or ub everytime and then ill never have the U part”. but what if i actually want to jump up.

or say i am super jumping up when im not rushing down and then i see an openign so i want to dash down, like i would try that method but sometimes i might actually want to go straight up.

I was thinking more along the lines of after i do u,uf,f i can press d then do d/f and dash. or if i do u uf, f i can put the stick to netural then put it to d/f and then dash?

and yeah i looked through past threads, well just the first two pages and i only look at the thread tittles and i didnt find anything if one was like inside of some thread i didnt look at it was proably cuz the tittle of the thread didnt explicitly say “this is about how not to do magnetic waves”

All you have to do is remember NOT to roll the stick down, it took me 5 minutes.

But it’s marvel, shit happens.

it’s called the training room

all block… magneto… cable… rtsd… until you can do it in your sleep. all it takes is time. you know how you do something in the training room then you jack it up in real matches?.. train your fingers to only touch the buttons they need to. and only move the stick as far as it needs to go. if you hear a bunch of clatter when you play ALL the time, then you are doing too much. Also what helped me is to remember you have more time than you think. sj> then try to addf as fast as you can. then do it and take longer and longer until you still triangle jump, and still can combo afterward. Rush down… the reason i play marvel

yeah thanks will do, i usedto play storm and i never had to worry about this so i never thought about joystick techniques imm go play right now still :slight_smile:

go into a game where you can see your commands, (guilty gear, tekken, etc)

and do the motion… keep at it until you’re comfortable at avoiding u/f

learn to put the stick in nuetral for best results…sometimes your not going to wanna go u/f or u/b, your going to want to go up…=_=

you know what is best =)

The rom is already pretty fast anyways, so I mean these are things to keep in mind:

-down-up for the hyperjump lk,lk

-you want to be holding a down direction for the dash and the first lk so this is where your projectile is coming out, try to go straight back down the way your stick came when you went up, and then move it to down forward. You wont get EM disruptor cause you dont dash on the way up, and you go to neutral on your way from up to down. Make sure you pause before you air dash+(down) lk so they are slightly below you.

I thought about it, and Im pretty sure this is how I started doing it, cause I dont get magnetic blast, and when I first started trying I got it alot.