That scrub in you

After reading a HORRENDOUS post in a place I won’t name. I came up with the idea of this thread. It’s simple really: Anything ya wanna unload about scrubby crap you do or lose to, toss it in here. Any talk about beating scrubby stuff, toss it in here. Any talk about people dissing or talking in a scrubby fashion, toss it right here. Kind of like the rage thread, but more humorous and possibly more positive. Here’s wondering if this thread sinks like a rock or kind of takes off. >_>


Man, Hwoarang is so bullshit.

My Life With Kazuya: Mist Step = Missed Step

Small fixed for me. :sad:

It’s almost like a slower Shoryuken. But it’s obnoxious because I had just been practicing the input before I decided to start working on Kazuya. OH WELL TIME 2 PRACTICE

I can’t seem to find a way to get around people who constantly jump and grab. AA and teching grabs are my biggest weakness and those scrub tactics beat me free.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made this thread. Everything is like…what I’d type…but I’m not typing it.


I hate when people push buttons. They should just stand there and eat my mix-ups for free!

i h8 how the downback problem for pads is still fucked up. i use the dpad, not the joystick, i hold downback, i get hit low…disgraceful

link plz or tell me what he said

Just hit “show previous quotes”.

I sort of hate being free to low tiers like Ibuki. Not only is it embarrassing, but it makes no sense…

"Hmmm, I’m going try this special move"
"No wait, let me try it again"

“Uh, yeah. I decided not to try it.”

@cg no i mean tell me what “small fixed for me” means

my number one problem in this game is getting flustered while getting pressured. i should just block correctly, but instead i try to jump or press a button and take a ton of damage because of it.

Just means that I fixed it so it’d apply to me personally rather than him.

I know what you mean. In older fighters, neutral jumping to try to get a little breath of air was a great idea. Now? Fk no. I even wonder if the input for “jump up and down” even went in sometimes. Can’t just jump for free. There’s a couple of frames of “grounded” time before you’re “airborne”.


I can relate!

Fought against a Guile who kept doing cross-up attack, jab jab jab, cross-up attack, jab jab jab, cross-up attack, throw. I’d tech the throws, but every time I tried to punish his cross-up or raw launch his cr.jabs, I’d whiff the anti-air or have the raw launcher blocked and then eat a punish. I eventually was able to get to a mid-range position and just would slide everytime he Sonic Boom’d to eventually beat him, but that cross-up into jab pressure just has me under it’s spell every time it happens to me.

I still have issues coming to terms with the fact that, unlike the other fighters I play, jumping is not an option in this game. I keep trying to open people up and just get bopped. I have a cross-up capable attack, but I can never seem to get it to actually cross-up when I need to. And I’m still free to jump ins myself, especially to Mishimas. I can usually just counter it with Elena’s st.LP or st.MP, or with Dudley’s st.MK… but not against the Mishimas. at best, it trades, and when you are trading a Light or Medium with a Fierce, it’s not exactly a fair trade.

Why am I so afraid to anti-air when I correctly read my opponent’s jump? I think maybe I have more of this issue in SSF4, but in this game it happens a lot too. I can see it coming, but I just stand there and block when I could potentially TC into big damage.