"That still sucks" moments in TV/Movies/Games (Possible HUGE spoilers)

Most times when entertainment does something that sucks, it’s because they went outside of their “world of believability” to do something stupid. Like that robot in Rocky IV, or a character becoming stupid all of a sudden just to advance the plot in… anything.

This isn’t about that though. This is about when a show does something that fits PERFECTLY within their realm and it’s still just as retarded as if it was pulled out of someone’s ass. They may have set it up nicely with foreshadowing and the like, to where you just can’t say it came out of nowhere. Doesn’t matter. It still sucks. Things just went bad.

Almost every time I see something that makes me go “OH COME ON!”, it’s something stupid that didn’t belong anyway. Rarely do I see something that’s in line with the show expectations and still sucks. I still have a few, though, and I’m hoping you guys do as well. But I must ask that you use spoiler tags, as you could be spoiling key moments in shows if you think of something to add. Though I was thinking of TV shows when I made this, you can add movies and games too.

BTW, if you don’t know how to use spoiler tags by now, it’s
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Here’s mine:

The Wire Season 5


[spoiler=“This is about Omar”]

[spoiler=“I’m serious; turn back if you don’t want to read what happens to Omar in Season 5 despite not having seen season 5 yet.”]
Omar getting shot by that kid. You might think this doesn’t count, because Omar would have been watching his back (i.e. he was holding an “idiot ball” at the time). However, it’s been shown in the past Omar doesn’t take kids seriously, and you see Kenard sizing Omar up in the episode beforehand. Omar just didn’t think the kid would take a shot at the king.
I found out that David Simon wanted elements of Greek tragedy in The Wire. Greek tragedy has heroes being killed by minor things. There was also the theme of how this new generation of hoppers is getting more and more dangerous. I understand why he killed Omar like that.
I still hated it though, because a badass like Omar got got by a little fucking kid. It felt like a waste of the character. If Simon wanted to put a twist on “Omar v. Marlo” or have Omar get out the game permanently, I’m sure he was capable enough to do it in better ways than that.


Aside from that, I didn’t like the newspaper plotline in S5 much at all. The message I heard Simon wanted to portray (look at what’s not being reported) was buried in a boring beef between 2 reporters.

And just to get it out of the way…

The Sopranos… don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming.


There. Up above. There lies the ending to one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever. Wait, are you on Midnight Black? If not, imagine you’re on Midnight Black, or go to the bottom of the screen and switch real quick to see the ending. You’d be exerting more effort than David Chase did in killing off Tony Soprano.
Assuming that’s what happened.
I always thought a black screen ending for any show would suck, so I said this sucked around the time it happened. I never saw the show enough before that to know that it had elements of surrealism and the pilot ended with a black screen. After talking to fans of the show and looking at eps, I found the convo where one guy says something like "I bet things just go black."
It seems like the logical conclusion is that Tony was killed. That makes things better, right? No. The black screen still sucked. I don’t know Tony died for sure, and David Chase is too cryptic about it. He may have dropped hints in interviews I haven’t seen; I don’t know.

What entertainment moments did you hate despite them fitting well?