That TvC fightstick

This is a bit of a tech and software question.
I’m not exactly willing to spend $150 on a TE fightstick. I only play on PC, but I’m probably going to be playing fighting games for a while into the future. So, the TvC stick is currently dirt-cheap for an arcade stick, with the cost of the USB converter it’s only about $40. And if I really care, it apparently can be modded without particular difficulty. So this sounds like a good idea?
But, I don’t know anything about its compatibility with PC AE. It’s a Wii controller going through a USB converter. No idea if it would currently be recognized, and I’m not a fan of going through programs like Xpadder. Don’t know if anyone here might have tried that.

From what i know you can get the mayflash usb pc/ps3 converter and use it just fine on the PC

i just modded mine with a 360 fightpad pcb and it works like a champ…i might buy another stick to use on a PS3 since i dont have one right now…

Mayflash Wii to USB adapter should work fine on the PC, Mayflash used generic HID device drivers, so it should be plug and play
Yes the PC version of Street Fighter IV AE should be able to use the stick. Just make sure you set the in game options to your joystick and not the keyboard.

TvC + converter is a better proposition than a Mayflash.

Is that not what they said? Laugh.