That Uncharted 2 Thread: Pimpin' ain't easy Unless you're Nathan Drake

Get hype only acouple of hours away suckers. For those of you who played and completed Uncharted you know the deal. You also get more money for the sequel. For those of you who didn’t you will be a bit lost on Sully and Elena but it shouldn’t be that bad.

bout time. Less than 24 hours for the 2009 GOTY!!! :lovin:

We already have two threads for this game somewhere, but this is going to be so fucking good.

Lol Sep with dat spelling correction. Online coop imo is going to be the best part for me. I call Sully pretty much everytime.

Sep: I did shitty search up there and there was one that pulled up in PSN section but not here.

The other thread in the PSN subfforum was about the BETA, which was already being discussed in the PS3 thread. So close that lame one in the PSN subforum or merge it with the PS3 thread. Anywho, this here thread is much deserved.

uncharted 2 = godlike!

i haven’t been this excited about any game since the dreamcast launch day back in 99.

Oh shit, It comes out tomorrow? Guess I aint coping it anytime soon. Gotta pay off t6. :3 Ah well. I’ll still be picking it up of course.

Mad hyped for this. Luckily I can bring my PS3 to work with me as well so it’ll be Uncharted 2 all day/night. Can’t wait to hit up some multiplayer as well.

I mean, if you have a PS3 and your NOT getting this game, there is a problem.

just sayin.

you guys think this game will sell out? i didn’t preorder a copy so…am i gonna have to wait to get my hands on a copy? =(

GOTY no problem.

^ where do you work,lol.
im gunna pick it up on the 13th, but im way to in to demons souls to play it. I also want to play NG+ with demons souls. game is to damn good. (wishes he could go back to being 15 and being able to play games all day)

Oh im getting it, Just not the first day. I have only ever picked up a game on day 1, And thats gonna be on the 27th when tekken 6 comes out.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Various EB Games locations around my place assured they were getting loads of copies in as they’re probably going to need them. Big name department stores such as Wal-Mart and the like are bound to have plenty of copies as well.

I didn’t know that little girl from MGS4 was in Uncharted!



It’s Sully. ;D

Anyway my real 2009 GOTY is finally here, ready to take the crown back from RGG3, which had held it since February of this year.

cool hopefully i’ll be able to snag a copy. if not i got mag to keep me busy =)

Im getting the game this thursday since I get paid. If yall need a good player for some co op then add my sn Lord_Infamous. I’m too beast with the pistol.

I went all out with Overnight shipping on this bitch, LETS GO!


2009 ACTION goty. The fighting goty is coming out in a couple weeks…

and let the church say amen!

these weeks are dragging by…
its gonna be like this when ffXIII drops too. argh.