That was fun! Let's do it again sometime!-The Fei-Long PSN/XBL gathering

If this page already exists, sorry, delete. :sweat:

Name: Nikki
Location: Philly
XBL: None
PSN: Nikkowar
Fei color: Pink.

Similar threads have been made, but I suppose it can’t hurt having a fresh, up to date one.

Name: Andy
Location: England
XBL: Spartan Throne
PSN: None
Fei color: White/Red/Blue

In fact, I don’t know why I’m posting this, I’m going to be without the internet until about late October… Damn.

Location-Atlanta Georgia
Hit me up for some spar

I’ll add you guys…well, you at least, I wanna spar,and improve my Fei :slight_smile:

yh spartan i will be without internet for a few months too . I guess we will be confined to training mode lol .

i made a thread in the newbie saikyo dojo about training mode and asked people how i can use training mode effectively while i cant play online , you should check it out .

Name: Jason
Location: Bronx, NY
XBL: Jason24cf
PSN: Jason24cf (I wont play you much on PS3 as I am not used to the 2 frame input delay, but I will play it from time to time)
Fei color: Normal (Black/Blue) Alt1 (Black/White) Alt 3 (Black, Purple, White)

isn’t the 2 frame slowdown of the course of a second? Doesn’t that mean the timing is only a 1/30th of a frame off? 1

Name: Hugo
Location: El Centro, CA
PSN: Hugo-KoF
Fei color: Black

If I don’t get too busy, I would most likely be online on weekdays after 9pm western time. On weekends, I am usually in the evenings, and late night, usually after 11 or 12am. Everybody is welcome.

Name: Gabriele
Location: Budapest, Europe
XBL: ATi7500
PSN: None
Fei color: Black/Yellow Kato

You meant minute, right?

2 frames over a minute is an imperceptible amount of lag. Like I don’t know if your messing with me right now lol.

No expert but To imperceptible to matter imo. The Brain adjust has the ability to adjust surprisingly fast. No more then 10 min i say.
-Very offtopic

ha, 2 seconds of input lag on PS3? Broken!

I can name you so many pro players who hate playing on a PS3. Yes you can adjust but it sucks that you have to adjust because the game is broken.

Location: Maryland
XBL GT:NyQuiiL x
Fei Color:Purple

Name: Jon Slayton
Location: Raleigh, NC
PSN: Saint_Villainous
Fei Color: White (was using it before Mago damnit!), Red Pants

Been busy with my new job lately so expect to only see me on weekends or rarely late at night (IE: midnight / later)

Name: Ken (yea I know…)
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
XBL: Kobrakoun
Fei Color: Original

I’m usually on between 11pm and 3am EST, sometimes I’m on earlier during the day.

TC, it would behoove you to update your original post with tags and timezones at least; I think it would help keep the thread organized and avoid having to scroll much or flip through pages to search.

I’ll make a list of you guys to make it easier…um…once I get finished with my trig class, then we’ll be nice and organized, go team Fei-Long!

Name: T
Location: Tampa, Florida
Fei Color: Alt 1 #10

usually on from 11pm-3am Est.

Name: Andrew
Location: Towson, Maryland
XBL: Higg1n5
Fei Color: Zombie Fei, orig. color 10

It’s usually a toss up when I’m on.

Name: R.J.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
XBL: Captainx7
Fei Color: Purple Kato

I’m on sporadically through-out the week. usually from 9-11 am EST on weekdays and all the time on weekends.