That Weird Air to Ground Combo thing

Okay I’ve been searching the archives, watching videos and practicing like hell, but i just can’t seem to get this:

flying with sent, HP/HK the standing opponent, unfly, and HK the opponent before landing! (AND it comboes too!) land, dash in with whatever ground combo

i’ve tried fast flying and whatnot as much as i can but nothing works. am i doing something wrong? what is the secret to making that HK on the way down come out? let alone combo after the f. HP/HK?

dear boob noob,

fly, get hit, by something that doesnt land you on your back.

then just fly again. but dont do a normal jump. ( super jumps only )

then superfump cancel into fly.

press HK, then unfly and you can HK again :slight_smile:

you need to learn about capcom movement.

until then i officially stamp yo ass a BOOB NOOB !!!

off with you now!

(and remember!, dont normal jump )
dont ask why, just dont do it!

in order to do that combo you must have unfly active.

for that you NEED to get hit while in the air with a move that doesn’t knock you down on the floor.(not landing on your back then getting up.) just flip recovery.

then you are able to block/attack when you unfly.

Okay kewl. thank you for the response. I figured you’d have to be in unfly mode, but was hoping not.

hah! i did it! success! i was playing against someone at my local arcade. he hit me while i was flying in the air, i flew again before landing. landed, sj, then flew, then i HP his standing sent, unflew, HK before hitting the ground and it comboed :smiley:

at more of a risk since you have to be relatively close you can just do flying hk unfly dash in lk lk and still get it to connect but its a small window between the unfly and lk.