Thats Akuma ?

I was looking for capcom comics covers and I stumble on this cover and was wondering if it’s the reflection of Akuma or Demitri on Donovan’s Sword.
Heres the link:

Why would Akuma be in Darkstalkers? That isn’t a cross-over. That’s Demitri.

Yes, that is Akuma. He’s pissed off that Donny stole his necklace and he’s crossed over into the DS comic to kick his ass.

Thats not Akuma, thats Donovan… he’s the character that has a little girl following him.

Thanks Captain, he was talking about the character reflected on the sword.

That is Demitri. Gouki would have killed him and his doll. Just playing. I would assume it was Demitri. Akuma has done a crossover cameo in X-Men: Children of the Atom, but he fought with the X-Freak. Last time I checked, Akuma did not sport a puffy shirt.


Akuma is in darkstalkers he’s in one of the games intro’s

No, he isn’t. Sorry.

Your thinking of the Red Beret Screen before the intro. I think Red Beret was the development team. But I could be wrong.

Puts hand over face

How can you guys think that’s Akuma?!

Here’s a better example from his deviantArt page:

^Look closely. Those are NOT beads… That’s his fluffy-ass ascot, LOL.

Have fun.

so not Akuma

Of course they aren’t beads, Donovan stole them! The next best thing Akuma could find was the fluffy-ass ascot! :smiley:

So, people see a tiny bit of red hair, and they instantly think of Akuma?

DOOD Ronald McDonald is SO AKUMA

Ronald is pretty menacing and he does sell food to little kids … OHSNAP!

This is crazy. That’s obviously M.Bison without his cap. (Before anyone takes this seriously, I’m messing about).

Mohammed Ali

wow, because for a second I thought it was Mr. Karate with a short nose! (just kidding!)

that is demitri, the whole perpose of the issue was that don found demitri

na na look closer thats dracula cant you tell