"That's it? That all you've got?" The Hwoarang Combo Thread



This Thread will be where all Hwoarang’s Combos are compiled and discussed.

:lp: - Light Punch
:mp: - Medium Punch
:hp: - Heavy Punch
:lk: - Light Kick
:mk: - Medium Kick
:hk: - Heavy Kick
(Launch) - Launcher ( :hp:+:hk:)
:qcf:- Quarter Circle Forward Motion
:qcb:- Quarter Circle Back Motion
:dp: - Dragon Punch Motion
:hcb:- Half Circle Back Motion
c. - Crouching
s. - Standing
j. - Airborne
sj. - Airborne Via Superjump (Character Specific)
SS- Special Step ( :dp:+:p:)
> - link into the next move
~ - Chain into the next move
xx - Cancel into the next move
W! - Wallbounce
B! - Groundbounce
[TC] - Tag Cancel
[CC] - Charge Cancel
(C.A) - Cross Art ( :qcf::mp::mk:)
(CH) - Counter Hit
(Air) - Performable While Airborne
(Low) - This Move Must Be Blocked Low
(High) - This Move Must be Blocked High


Meter-less Combos:

[details=Spoiler] #1 cr.:lp: > st:mp: > :lp: GB! --> cr:mp: --> cr:mp: xx H.Hunting Hawk = 265dmg
#2 st:lp: , st:mk: > :mk: > :hk: xx H.Hunting Hawk = 270dmg
#3 :f:+:hk: GB! cr:mp: --> cr:mp: xx H.Hunting Hawk = 283dmg[/details]

1 Meter Combos:

[details=Spoiler] #1 j:mp:, s:mp: ~ s:lp: --> GB! --> b+:mk: xx EX Hunting Hawk --> WB! --> j:hk:, cr:hk: = 401dmg

#2 st:lp: , st:hk: xx EX.Hunting Hawk --> WB! st:hk: xx LP.Special Step > H.Skyrocket = 401dmg

#3 j:mp:, s:mp: ~ s:lp: --> GB! --> b+:mk: xx EX Hunting Hawk --> WB! --> j:hk: HK.Skyrocket = 425dmg


2 Meter Combos:


#1 j:mp:, s:mp: ~ s:lp: --> GB! --> b+:mk: xx EX Hunting Hawk --> WB! --> j:hk, Super Art =

3 Meter Combos:



Pandora Combos:



Reserved #2


Reserved #3


Jump in mp. target combo mp~lp (floorbounce) -> back mk xx ex hunting hawk ->jump Roundhouse ->Sweep
Jump in mp. target combo mp~lp (floorbounce) -> back mk xx ex hunting hawk ->jump Roundhouse ->Uppercut
Jump in mp. target combo mp~lp (floorbounce) -> back mk xx ex hunting hawk ->Super

ex heel -> c.lp xx Roundhouse hunting hawk
ex heel -> c.lp xx ex hunting hawk


s.lp, s.mp, s.lp, sweep - - -175 dmg
s.lp, s.mp, s.lp, xx dp. hk 203 dmg
[LEFT]s.lp, mpx2 xx dp.hk - - - 233 dmg[/LEFT]


Can someone tell me how to improve on this combo?
(looking for something that has a Low-Attack starter)

s.LP ~ s.MP ~ s.LP -> FA Kick -> ex.HH -> j.RH -> RH.Sky Rocket
367 Damage, 376 if using j.MP Crossup.

I really want to use Hwoarang and looking for stronger BNBs >.>

Are there any extended combos yet? Because of the limitations to ground bounce… My Hwoarang is like 150 behind my Juri =(


I think the damage you wrote for that combo is a little off? I think OP, who updated the first post with BnB’s has more correct damage, but I am not 100% sure.
I haven’t found a more powerfull combo with Hwoarang than what you described yet (Without using super), but you can always tag cancel the ex hunting hawk to reset the juggle points and continue with a second character. I personally think Hwoarang will be more about doing a decent combo that leads into an advantage position, and go in for a new mixup and more damage. I can’t say it too often: His close ex heel is nearly impossible to block, and will lead into ok damage, and an opportunity to tag cancel in your second character for more damage.

If someone manages to use his flamingo stance after ex hunting hawk, maybe you can do mp~mp, that launches and makes you able to jugle afterwards?


I’ve been been doing the above combo, but instead of EX Hunting Hawk, I’ve been doing H.Hunting Hawk Tag Cancel, then I continue the combo. Been using Hwoarang/Steve, but I might switch out Steve for Jin.


I’ve always started my strings with a low attack first =\ So that’s where the difference is coming from.

I’ll try the Flamingo followup after ex.HH right now actually~


mk, mk , d.lk , hk, ex HH , j.hk . skyrocket does 400+ w/o jump ins


f.mk links with c.lk aswell…looks like one frame.

f+mk , c.lk , mk, ,hk , ex HH , j.hk , super/c.hk/sky rocket


Edit: Don’t know what happened, but posted in the wrong section.


off of ground bounce I’ve been using c.mk as opposed to the fade away kick for consistency with further ranges and it works to juggle all 3 hits of hk.HH

I’ll tick into the lp mp lp ground bounce for mix ups, but off of cross up j.mp, or fuzzy guard j.lp > j.mp, I’ll confirm into the high low kick sting; s.mk > s.mk > d.lk > s.hk xx ex HH/super/cross art. It’s about 30 points of damage difference.
j.mp, s.mk > s.mk > d.lk > s.hk xx ex.HH, j.hk, hk.SR 400dmg
j.mp, s.mk > s.mk > d.lk > s.hk xx super 425 dmg (I think, can’t read too well on my tv)


Yeah, I’ve been using c.mk instead of b.mk but ONLY when I don’t have meter for EX Hunting Hawk.


Hey SimSim, how have you been setting up Hwoa’s EX Dynamite Heel? I’ve been using it either after a s.LK following a jump in, or spinning trip kick (db.LK) which seems to work very well I’ve noticed. It gets you up close enough for the Dynamite Heel to cross up, and it hits low.


What are good combos into launch?


a)j.mp, s.mp, s.lp, GB, s.lp, c.mk, s.hk, EX skyrocket… 261 dmg… good for flashyness…

b)level 3 only… j.mp, s.mk, s.mk, c.lk, s.hk, EX HH, j.hk = super art… 505 damage

this one is flashy that you can team tag…but i need to practice more…hows this one?

c)j.mp, s.mk, s.mk, c.lk, s.hk, EX HH, c.mk, high kick HH then after the second hit then you tag…then im out of clues out of that one…

ill post more when i have another main character to tag


Using Raven as a tag partner, with 3 bars

a) j.mp, s.mk, s.mk, c.lk, s.hk, HK HH, TAG (during second hit of HH), qcb ppp = 493 damage
b) j.mp, s.mk, s.mk, c.lk, s.hk, Cross arts( qcf mp+mk ) = 514 damage


s.lp, s.mp, s.mp, EX Hunting Hawk, Sky Rocket = 318 damge