That's what I call BIG DAMAGE?

I thought I’d throw this out there as something to discuss, whether or not it’s entirely debatable. A very, very large portion of the cast can do one combo that will result in taking off 50%-70% life of your opponent. Nothing entirely fancy mind you, just an advanced combo or two that leads into an otg into a super. That’s a given by now.

X-factor also deals huge damage, especially if its your last character. That’s fine, it’s a mechanic created to help you comeback from the brink of death, spruce up a combo of your choice, or even scare people when coming out of block stun.

Anyways, my question is this:

Seeing as how this is a console game first and foremost, one that has no arcade edition to herald to for precedent, do you think we should establish a standard for damage levels? Even Sent in MvC2 needed 2+ combos to kill, and that was with a reset or un-blockable thrown in, right? When everyone in the game does that, perhaps we should lower the damage setting?

For the record, I’m just bringing this up as a point of discussion. It doesn’t entirely bother me, but I’ve noticed some people make a point about it so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take about it.

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As I see it.

Too soon to tell. Let’s have the game be out for a few months, a couple tournies happen, then we’ll make some decisions.

I was actually having this thought as well since a major gripe of a lot of players seems to have is that its too easy to do 50-70% life in one air combo, which is kind of a departure from MVC2 style.

How do you get a community consensus for this type of thing, though? How do you know when people agree?

Care to tell me which of those you liked?

Is it really too soon?

Sent needed alot of meter to kill you outright from a combo involving multiple HSF, as did someone like Cable.

Now he’s got outright 100% combos. I’m sure others do as well, and outside of X-factor I think that is a bit much, don’t you? What if we arrive at a point where we don’t even need X-factor to achieve that, wouldn’t that just negate it [X-Factor] all together?

I understand what you’re saying, but I think we have more knowledge and experience now then we ever did to talk about it.

If anything, talking about it is what I’m gunning for anyway, haha.

Weren’t people 6 or so months ago talking about how the heart of Mahvell was basically the high stakes, all in poker of fighting games thanks to the ability to get full life payouts easily?

Well this is why I thought it was best to talk about it:

Now we have issues of morality (whether or not they’re entirely valid is another story all together) in regards to the ease of obtaining the full life payouts, whereas in the past that likely required work, skill and otherwise to achieve. This is why people have started talking about it. The execution bar being lowered isn’t the problem, the damage output is. GGAC was the same, but it was heavily based around loops, the majority of which did require specific timing thanks to different weight classes, gravity, etc.

Think about it, MvC2 Iron Man can kill off of one hit, but he had to get in first. Is everyone in this game MvC2 Iron Man now? Does that sound entirely satisfying to you?

Just so I make myself clear again, since I know SOMEONE will be stupid later. I am not saying this is a problem, I just think it’d be a good idea to talk about it.

Yipes requested the same thing.

What did he request?

Lower damage, or full life high stakes payouts?

Lowering the damage settings, because they were more reminiscent of MvC2 than default settings.

I think the damage factor plays a very significant role in preserving an offensive environment for MVC3. There’s less time outs and more reward for punishing mistakes.

With the damage setting on medium, you have some good 100% combos off 2-3 meters with Xfactor. Just about everybody has that option available at their disposal; I feel it is a necessity in keeping it fast paced like MVC3.

Lowering it will make it feel a little more like MVC2 IMO. But why? It’s pretty good this way.

What’s there to talk about? The game is 1 hour and 40 minutes old, maybe NOW it seems to be alarming but what about a week later when everyone stops having knee jerk reactions to high damage, or a month later when everyone has grown more familiar with the game. Can’t this discussion wait until the game has been out there and played extensively before we start suggesting ways to tweak it?

I think it’s worth testing at the very least.
At worst, you’d end up with slow matches and the game would lose some of it’s intensity. However, with the versatility of the combo system and the craziness of xfactor there may be ways to get 100% or close even with a decreased damage scale. If it goes well, people might be more encouraged to master longer, more difficult, high damage combos.

If at some point there is a popularly agreed upon damage standard, one concern is online play. I don’t know how lobbies work, but I assume you can’t enforce a damage restriction. Anyone have something to say about this?

I think everyone is too used to SSF4 damage. But y’all complaining about it being too low and slow.

The damage in MVC3 works well with it. Here, have a cup of MVC3.

Oh I’m not saying it should be one way or the other, but I like how you bring up the point of it being like MvC2 with lower damage settings. Does that mean the game shifts from more damage to more resets / mix-ups? Or more zoning? Less? What similarities does it gain of MvC2 when the damage output is lowered?

Also, do you believe that MvC3 = big damage? Perhaps that’s just one facet, it is rather early to say otherwise.

This discussion can grow with the game as we spend more time with it, that’s why I put it up this early. Nothing wrong with that, I’m not saying we should do anything at this point if ever.

If Niitsuma can say that they’ll might possibly patch the game after release, that kinda tell’s you the team have some ideas that it might happen and they are thinking about such things for lastabilty…but that’s deteremined on how much the game has been played extensively (e.i. after release).

But like all things, we’ll all adjust accordingly within a month.

I think the people complaining about it are being unfair to MvC3 by continually comparing it to MvC2, saying “well in MvC2 blah blah and in MvC3 blah blah”. Okay, but you guys need to understand that this isn’t MvC2. Did you guys bitch and try to finds ways to make MvC2 more like MvC1? Not sure, someone probably did though.

Just let MvC3 be MvC3 for a while, stop trying to force MvC3 into MvC2’s shadow. Let them stand side by side and give MvC3 a chance to exist before busting out the suggestion box.

the damage in marvel is fine…play the damn game first, jesus. if the damage was broken, there wouldnt be so many matches ending in time outs.

Seems to me (from the videos I’ve watched online) that the damage is quite a bit high for this type of game. With as much stuff going on the screen at once, and the general insanity of the game, combined with the fact that X-Factor also exists, and finally, along with the fact that EVERYBODY has combos that can do huge damage, it’s entirely possible to lose half your matches simply because you got caught a single time which resulted in 70% of your life being taken.

The damage is higher than in MvC2.

That does not mean anything.