Thawk 2012 Findings

Post any findings you may have here… I will trying to update this as much as I can…

Close Roundhouse can now be used as an anti air

You could always use it as an anti air but was too slow and traded if you got lucky. I guess the 1F difference helps? I wonder if the activation range from Cl to far RH was changed.

Idk if this is something new, but I found that you don’t have the cancel the CL.MP into Tomahawk immediately. You can delay the Tomahawk for a bit after the CL.MP and time it to link instead. Not sure if this has any useful applications (Maybe you can use it to tick throw?). Probably not o_O

Does Condor Spire input feel easier to anyone? I swear it really does feel like it.

This is all old news. AE Hawk could do those. That close roundhouse though…is ridiculous. It hits like an EX Spire. >__> Inb4 I need to explain why that’s amazing.

Also, why the fuck would you want to AA with close roundhouse when you can just fierce Tomahawk Buster? Stop looking for shortcuts.

condor spire is easier to do

seems condor dive is starting faster for me

Ahh - here’s why cl RH is so good.** It’s a hard knockdown on counterhit.**
BTW The new U2 input sucks…I want the old one back. You have to do the full HCB motion now, as opposed to HCDBx2. oh well.

this is false double qcb works as a shortcut i have been doing it all day

NOOOOOOO! I learned about that trick late, and was just starting to enjoy it. :frowning:

Oh what–lemme try.

BTW I’m 1 for 32 with cl. RH. I’ve been spamming it in several matches trying to land it. only worked once.

Dude, D DB B x2 does not work as a shortcut for U2.

QCB is Down, down back, back. No go. You do it twice and spire comes out.

New shortcut is down-forward to back instead of the old forward to down-back shortcut from AE

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Hey guys so I just got back from the break… Found out some interesting stuff…

Crouch roundhouse is amazing now… I was playing casuals vs sagt and sags mid range game is gone. If you are 3squares he’s screwed it’s a no shot zone…such a relief,

Close roundhouse is so good now… Great anti air gives you nice space assurance on knockdown too and, like was explained earlier can give a hard knockdown on counter hit…very nice. I did not test it in combo strings…I’ll do that tommorow…

Neutral jump splash and elbow drop are also very promising…his splash in the corner off normal grab is redic…elbow dr blows up back dash

Ex dive is whatever honestly…glad to see they fixed that…

Blanka is so hard now. You have to play soo careful now…very challenging…

Vega is Better was beatin mostg Vegas with little effort

Most notably to sum up is hawks command normals off neutral jump and close roundhouse are so needed. He has a legit oki…you offensive hawks will be very pleased.

Idk if dive kick cd works still didn’t try it…

Hakan is a lot harder now, had a stream match vs hi,…gave me some trouble…

On a side note went. 3-2 lost to a Rufus and a vega… Both were close though so I can’t cry.

Hawk feels better in general which is good…he feels more complete now

Condor Spire looks faster now. Especially when hitting fierce. Anyone notice that? An Condor Spire is easier to do. I saw your match between that Hakan player. Hakan looks kind of legit now.

Joe - could you explain more about close HK as an AA? From my testing of it, it only seems remotely viable as a neutral jump beater. Other than that it seems too ambiguous as to when you get close HK or far HK to be effective as an AA…too spacing specifc for my liking and HP/EX Buster, or C.HP seem more solid.

My opinions so far:

  • U2 input change - meh!
  • C.HK - improved…at the right range where punishing it is hard. I had good success with it vs Sagat also. At the very least it get’s him shooting those low tigers, which makes Condor Dive a much scarier proposition when you get to the right range.
  • Thrust Peak - meh!
  • MP Tomahawk unthrowable - I threw it out a few times yesterday and it landed, but could have just been as much because my opponent looked to jump and got hit as a meaty. I can see it beng worth the risk vs Gief, Abel and especially Seth if you have a good read on your opponent.
  • NJD.HP - pretty good. I had a few matches vs Rog and it zones him out well. I had a Fei cross himself up with Rekkas lol and at the right range it’s great vs dive kicks as they land underneath you and are instantly on the defensive. Also good that this move has the potential to encourage me to use his forward throw more too.
  • NJD.MP - Fairly solid for mix ups off forward throw. Not tried it in the corner for killing backdashes, but will take a look.
  • Spire input - not really noticed a difference!

Close HK (Get’s it’s own write up!)

Hat’s off to Capcom with this move now - I can 100% see it’s usefulness for Hawk if you partner it with safe splash after LP Typhoon and here is why from what I have seen in my matches and in training mode (I had alot of success with this move and other players seemed…well a bit bafled by it):

  • LP SPD, Splash, S.HK…is unmashable if they block the Splash, as the block stun on that move is massive. I tried for about 10 mins last night to mash through the splash to Close HK with Sagat (tall ass character too so the blockstun is a little less) using EX uppercut and not once did I mash through it. It seems amazing for lockdown and leaves you dead neutral on block at max range for LP SPD (if not done from a cross up splash). I had too many situations last night where close HK was blocked after the splash and either landed s.lp, as a counter hit combo for a bit of extra damage, or my opponent tried to counter poke and got lit up by LP SPD.

  • 250 extra damage and a knockdown if you land the splash, close HK after a LP SPD… not forgetting the additional 350 stun you just did, on top of the 200 stun from the initial LP SPD, with a mix up pending (if you can land a 2 hit EX Buster) that if it works is stun on 90% of the cast!

  • Splash, Close HK, EX Buster, EX Dive - 360 damage as mentioned above - really good way to kill an opponent or simply get yourself back into a match if you have the meter spare.

  • Your opponent can’t jump out of this move and it leads to that knockdown if they try…which can also be followed with LP spire for a bit of meter and still leave you at positive frames, next to your opponent even if they teched the knockdown.

I want to explore the NJ stuff more over the coming days, but agree he feels more complete. Did not play any Blankas, but did see Tsrai vids of his EX Ball FADC mix ups and resets - very nasty, but the risk reward of that EX upball is still a positive for Hawk imo. Also did not play a Honda (but did use him for a bit as my old main - he feels much better with LP headbutt as an AA and more forward motion on HHS = more meter, super threat…simply better), and he will be harder imo as will lame DJ’s, Chuns, Guiles, Sims, Goukens, Akumas and Juris. I actually don’t see T Hawk moving up the tiers much, but the tiers overall seem more focussed on first impressions - time will tell.


Onions and I sat down this evening and ran some tests…
We found some very very important stuff… ninja buffs capcom didn’t mention.

Mr. Onions sir, I’ll let you do the honors!

not sure if anyone tried but you can do Splash, s.LP, for 262 dmg/360 stun. Adding ex srk and dive is not economical due to scaling.

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And it causes a soft knockdown that allows you to spire back into the opponent’s face…
Ppl missing the point completely. How often are you going to land that as counter hit? =/

And what happens if the opponent just holds up-back/mashes back dash after blocking that splash -> close roundhouse string? How far are you after doing the string? Why limit yourself to just havinga far jab link or a jab Typhoon when you can keep the opponent in block stun + keep Hawk closer by using a different normal?

Why are people worried about killing back dashes in the corner? It’s the corner. And lol at whoever said Hawk having a new sweep means Sagat’s mid-range game is gone. Found an answer for Sagat far forward yet, brah?

@View619 - if I was looking for a genuine blockstring, I’d not use that tbh I’d go with close LP as it shits up your opponent plenty. I’m talking about mixing in the S.HK if you see the splash is blocked - it’s an option now that gives you a knockdown that I also mentioned can be spired into position at advantage for the follow up…that’s it’s main purpose as I see it too. I mention the lp, after a blocked close HK as it’s just an option to go to if they block the hk to keep the pressure on and if you know they are counter poking after the blocked HK you can LP Typhoon and repeat. If they backdash it does not hit opponents, but you are safe enough. The whole string leaves maybe 2 small squares in training mode further away than x3 LP,, so not a huge difference. It’s a solid tool and does not replace all other options in mix ups, but it’s worth discussing the options.

^Alright, just checking.

I only got to play for about 30 mins last night so I’m curious as to what you guys found.

I played a Honda and something seemed weird about his HP splash like the hitbox was bigger.