Thawk 2012 Tech: Anti Air Close Roundhouse


If you hit them with this on Trade, Counter Hit or a clean aniti air, you can follow up with EX Dive o EX DP

lol, how about just doing fierce Tomahawk Buster, which is far more reliable? Better than throwing up a close normal from that range (note the keyword, close). And AA close roundhouse has worked since AE.

Also, why are there three separate threads for these? Why aren’t these in the lab discussion thread? They’re not worth their own topics.

This option gives you about 2-3 frames more of reaction time. So if you miss the timing of fierce dp you can just react with stand roundhouse. The reason why this is such a big deal is because stand roundhouse anti air did not work all the time. This is 100% more consistent. What you sacrifice in damage you gain in insurance.

What’s also interesting with the anti air option is that even if it trades you can still do a follow up. So we have trade into dp so the overall damage output is technically higher than dp at 290 of max damage

Or you can learn how to AA fierce Tomahawk consistently instead, and if you miss the window you do EX Tomahawk Buster. All the opponent has to do is jump from a distance where your close normals will not come out, and you get hit. Stop looking for shortcuts.

Also, no AA option is 100% consistent, ever. Even more so for a grounded normal.

It’s about to be a pow-wow Hawk war in here.

See view, the problem is you are still wasting a bar for a move which actually does less damage, even on counter hit. Close round house is only a good anti air from what I guess would say far close range, almost 2 squares away. I can do it 100 percent now so I really don’t have a problem using it… Fierce is still the go to at 3 squares.

View we never see the same way so trying to explain any of this to you is so void.

Fact of the mater close round is a amazing anti air for close jump situations for the spacing I explained in the video and just now

Everyone has their own approach, and I’m thankful to Joe Lewis for his contributions. Let’s not fight :slight_smile:

I’m not really interested in convincing you. I just don’t want to see this turn into everybody following bad advice like it was before. If you want to risk doing a close range normal, with no invul at all vs far jumps instead of either working on your AA fierce Tomahawk Buster execution or burning the bar to get your own pressure going, then that’s your business. That doesn’t mean it’s good. =/

^It’s not a matter of “everybody has his own approach”. That would be like me telling you to keep the pressure on during a good opportunity vs you deciding to back out of close range, take your life lead and turtle out the rest of the round. This is more along the lines of somebody saying that Ryu has a crouching fierce that works as AA and it’s not as strict as doing his DP, so it’s a good tool to use if you’re not on point with your DP AA (don’t bother comparing Ryu/Hawk DP, that’s not the point). You follow that and within a few days/a week there will be whining again about how “Hawk needs a viable DP” because close roundhouse isn’t working out too well.

And remember, Hawk is a grappler and EX Tomahawk Buster does 300 stun. You want to be in an opponent’s face with 300 stun under your belt with Hawk. If you’re not fighting Gief or Hawk, you’re going to have to get into close range eventually. There is no avoiding that. You want to turtle? You need the life lead. How are you going to do that? Close range. If you think you can win purely mid, you need to switch characters.

i’m really glad Joe found this.
i was always looking for a good AA at all the distances and hawk was lacking.
view don’t say like why not just use dp.
all new kind of finds and input are welcome.

hmm, wondering how cr hp will do now as AA. although capcom didn’t change it. hoping for stealth change here.

trust peak still sucks.
hit a ryu trying to jump in on me and i trust peaked him and he can hit me after that.
why still -4 on hit capcom?
the way i see it to be save it has to be -3 or less on hit.
we can’t get everything.

^I’ll say that forever. Simply because Tomahawk Buster should be the first thing on your mind when an opponent jumps. If it’s not, step your shit up. You can’t bawl about “Hawk not having the tools” when the problem is you not wanting to use the proper tools, although they’re staring you right in the face. You either improve yourself, or suck it up and don’t bitch.
As for Thrust Peak “sucking”, that’s just you doing it wrong. It stuffs jumps going over Hawk’s head clean and it’s been doing it since Super. It also serves as an AA option against neutral jumps/far jumps if you want to risk it. Capcom didn’t need to do anything to that move. After AA Thrust Peak, you can dash up and be completely safe. Learn how to use it.
Again, this is for the people who actually want to improve their Hawk play, not look for shortcuts and blame Capcom when they can’t find anything.

Good point by darth paul. Thrust Peak is a weird move and the properties are still not fixed. Everyone prob already knows that.

As far as the Capcom comment, its really a matter of looking for shortcuts as it is in finding utility on all of the characters moves.

The T.Hawks popularity is very neutral, hes much bigger in Japan than he is in America and since their player base is higher, you would imagine that they would see a lot more, just a thought. History is shown that they are very sparing with his changes

As far as you still getting punishbled off a thurs peak is a littler merky… Id have to see it.

Stand Strong is a better option than thrust peak if you are trying to do that.Catch a Neutral jump or a jump over.

Thrust Peak is only really good against angular dives, like Cammy (Even though CTF is better) Rufus … Yun… etc.Edrick2 likes Thrust peak a lot and uses really well; I was never fond of that move

Getting back on topic

Close AA Round House is only really good at 2 Blocks so really the application is there at that distance, and in corner pressure. Outside of that its possible to AA someone but if you have the reaction to dash up, and do it, you are better off just DPing.

Its a go to anti air (A second one if you can believe that) for those situations I explained.

It’s nice to see people finding out options for AA and whatnot, but imo, DP is way more viable than most AA tools Hawk has. Of course if you expect your opponent to jump you would not need to do those, just DP and it stuffs most of whatever your enemy is doing. I find this only useable if you’re caught off guard, so using one of his normals as AA is a good option. But then again this is T. Hawk we are talking about and you need to know what you are going to expect from your opponent. Hell even Spire is a good AA, nice for neutral jumps probably and second to DP. Rather have those two than normals which has a chance of trading or beating out your attacks if mistimed.

Actually, Spire is the better AA. It depends on the range, but still I wouldn’t want to use DP if I am up close, I experienced a lot of weird situations thanks to it. EX-DP? Anytime. Normal versions? No, thanks.

Close roundhouse is a good option. It’s a move most people won’t expect. If you want to play safe though, Condor Spire as an AA is the best IMO.

i use st mp for aa most of the time.
cr hp is not a very good aa.
tomahawk, well greenflag said it and i completely agree with him.

@ view169: dude, you acts like you’re the only one hawk master here.
i’m not a master but i think i’m ok with hawk.
i really don’t like your additude here.
all that you say is: if it doesn’t work with you then you’re doing it wrong because i’m the king know it all.
what we trying to do here help each other with that character and try to find more options in all situations.
people above here saying spire or tomahawk as aa.
yes spire is better aa if it’s long range and tomahawk is better aa for close range.
but the problem with tomahawk is that it was so crappy in super and ae ( seems like 2012 version is better now ) that you’ll trade or you get stuffed instead of the opponent so i don’t use that as aa.
and like i said, i’m glad that Joe found cl st hk as an aa. it does 140 damage and it’s save on that range.
and what was your comment on that? you know it yourself.
we as hawk player have kind hart. yours is in flames. go play evil ryu or somebody evil. i’m not gonna read your post anymore. it just get me sick.

go and meet up with Joe or Lvangundy. i bet they will kick your sorry ass with hawk.

with view here in the room, yes it seems like it.
i’m laughing when i saw this post of yours after my other post.
this guy view just flames me.
i’m getting hard boiled.
it’s no use reading his post.
everybody has does moves he feels good with it.
it seems like his are the best in the game to use when we don’t feel like it.
is he trolling here or what?

You can go ahead and troll. I’ll be here to help whoever wants it.

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Lol, to do what you do, I would have to post up bad info without checking it in the lab or anywhere else, then pass it on as legit and call out anybody who challenges it. No thanks.

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