Thbirdman's BST

Sanwa set from Marvel TE

from R1 TE

From Hori VLX


Thought I could use these for a project, but it turns out I need screw ins rather than snap ins. If you have a set of these I would love to trade. Still looking for red OBSC-30RG if anyone has them :slight_smile:

Red Mesh-Top

Some Seimitsu yellow GNs, never used. Also a couple pink KNs and random ball tops

JLW with square gate installed. Will also include a circle gate. The harness included plugs directly into a TE.

Octagonal gate for JLF

More Seimitsu screw ins

Dual modded Madcatz pad and MC Cthulhu. Was keeping this to transfer into another stick, but decided I have enough sticks. The dual mod is set up for a 6 button layout. On the ps3 side it works as the 1st 6 of the TE layout, requiring no button reassignment in SF4. On the 360 side I hacked all the buttons except for the triggers, so it requires roundhouse to be resassigned in SF4.

24mm clear top Seimitsu

Prices and Availability:

Sanwa OBSF-30 - $2.00
White: - 6 SOLD
Yellow: - SOLD
VLX set: - available

Sanwa OSBF-24 - $1.50
Sanwa OSBF-30RG - $5.00 or trade for red OBSN-30RG (6 sold)

Seitmitsu 30mm - SOLD
Black/yellow - SOLD

Seimtsu 24mm - SOLD
Sanwa JLW UM - $15
Sanwa GT-Y - SOLD

35mm Ball tops - $1.50
Yellow - SOLD

Dual mod - SOLD
Button covers - SOLD
Mesh-top - $8

Bump for many changes


Sent you a PM

The button plugs have been sold.

Better description of the dual mod has been added as well.

pm sent

PM sent.

I have received your PayPal invoice and sent you another PM. Thanks.

Payment sent for (6) red Sanwa OSBF-30RG’s (new). Thanks! :woot:

My buttons arrived today and positive feedback left! Thanks! :tup:

PM sent again! :wgrin:

Sent you another PM! :looney:

how much for the VLX OSBF-30RG?!