THC Phoenix Inferno



I can almost never seem to get Jean’s Phoenix Inferno Super to come out… Especially when I need it the most >.< I do the motion for it but I almost always get Healing Field which usually puts me in a bad spot. I have enough time to do it too so even if I am reacting to someone else supering I make sure I have enough time to THC otherwise I wouldn’t do it. But this only seems to be a problem when I am reacting to random supers online. They aren’t all supers that cross me up sometimes I’m in a corner and it still doesn’t work. Anybody else have this problem? Lets say for example their is a Spencer (without xfactor) that Bionic Arms you full screen you have two bars you use Maximum Voltage with Trish then immediately THC into Phoenix Inferno but instead you get Healing Field . Then Spencer’s Bionic Arm hits and he follows up and kills Phoenix. Leaving you meterless.


I’ve had this happen a few times. All I can say is be careful with your inputs. I imagine that Healing Field has more input priority than Phoenix Rage (why on earth?!), and your stick is slipping a bit into a semi-qcb-like motion and the game decides to “help” you by reading it as one.


Glad it’s not a glitch then , I guess I get too antsy when I see a random super >.< , but it hasn’t happened to me as often…


always input inferno after the flash… otherwise more times than not it will come out as Healing field…


Another thing that helps is to not mash it. If you mash, the game WILL read it as a qcb and you will die.