THC to lvl 4? I need some help

So my team consists of Ryu/Haggar/Frank and my leveling strategy depends upon Tac —> THC —> LVL4 but this doesn’t always work. When my opponent is on the ground, I will hit my THC and snap a picture but more times then not my lvl remains at 1. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, I was under the impression that the combo counter had to be on screen while the picture is being taken to get exp for frank. Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Are my hypers to short not granting frank enough time to take a picture?

If the combo counter is still showing and you’re not leveling up, you might not be in range to get the Snapshot. Are you doing full screen cameras? The camera’s range isn’t unlimited. If this is the case, then dash up a bit after Frank’s hyper ends. It should do the trick.

And this is slightly off-topic, but I extremely dislike your team format. Frank in the anchor position is just a really bad idea. And… you mention TACs. Your plan involves doing two TACs (from Ryu to Haggar to Frank)? Maybe it works for you, and maybe it’s just me being stubborn, but relying on a mechanic that your opponent could easily thwart is just a horrible plan.

if you’re going for TACs I’d at least put Frank second so you’re not doing it twice. That way you can get some hits off with the first person (be it Ryu or Hagger) TAC to frank for either the knee drop or qcf+H>s.S>j.S>snapshot>whatever super. You may not reach level 4 but you’re at least getting access to level 3 if you’re finding a long enough combo into TAC to frank. At that point, Frank can easily stay in and reach level 4.

After the THC if you’re level 1-2 you can combo qcf.L>j.M>qcf.L>j.M>qcf.L and follow that up with down+heavy knee drop. After that land, call Haggar assist, take a picture, and right when you recover take another into Survival Techniques. Confirmed to work. Also works in the corner level 3+. The timing on the down+heavy is a little strict, but thankfully you can mash the command and it will work consistently.

I agree with this 100%. I play this team myself but I use the order of Haggar - Frank - Ryu. Haggar on point is very viable now with his ability to create long combos off a single grab when he has assists to help with his cr. H OTG’s. And both Frank shopping cart and Ryu hurricane kick are great for extending those OTG’s, although you have to be careful with Frank’s because they tend to pop out early after a bit of hitstun decay (but it’s perfect for doing immediately after a throw). Furthermore, when Haggar is out you have the ability to get Frank to level 5 instantly if you can land one grounded Rapid Fire Fist (as seen here: [media=youtube]MyGr4oDUGGk[/media]). Obviously he doesn’t have to be in the second slot for the raw tag, but still.

Either way, Ryu is definitely the best anchor to have out of these three characters. He can better take advantage of level 3 xfactor and if nothing else he can use meter on beam supers with fairly little risk. Frank anchor can potentially be pretty scary if he’s level 4+, if he’s level 1 he’s got a lot of work to do but it’s not impossible to make a comeback… but still not great. Haggar is the worst of the three of course, without assists there’s really not too much he can do versus up-back.

Check this out hopefully it helps!
Here’s a Franks Level 4 increase loop using Ryu’s Hado Kakusei transformation. Based on my ability with Ryu, I decided to start with (Air) light, (Ground) light, medium, fierce, (Jodan Sokuto Geri) back, down, down back, light, (after ground bounce) light, medium, fierce, special, (Air) light, medium, fierce, Shinku Hadoken, X-Factor, S forward to start team aerial combo, (Frank) (Air) light, medium, fierce, special (ground) snapshot, Survival Techniques, wait til mid screen to transform using Ryu Hado Kakusei, and then tag in Frank immediately to take the snapshot, followed by Survival Techniques. Welcome to Level 4!!!

Way too many resources wasted to do this and not to mention it only gets you to lvl 4. You burn 3 bars, xf, and you’re allowing the opponent a chance to break free by using TAC, making this combo really impractical. You’re better off building the meter and doing a THC with Frank and getting two snapshots after he recovers (since Dante’s in the team that’s an easy lvl 5). You can just opt to do Survival tech xx Hado trans, tag snap. Ryu to Frank does not really have much synergy, regrettably, and the only real reliable way for lvling up Frank is through THCs (with tatsu assist, you can get lvl 4 easily, and with only two bars).

That sounds good man I’ll give a try myself!! Thanks for the tip!!!