THCs using Nemesis

We all know Nemesis gives some people sick THCs. Let’s list them. I’ll update the list and maybe people will be able to reference this when we got a big one. For the record, this is, for now, THCs with just Nemesis and one dude, unless someone finds a super-broken triple-team (though I think that’s unlikely). Some of this stuff, since I’m going to give the OP some starting material, may need changing/revising.

Practical THCs:
Hulk: Gets conversions off a ground throw, gets extra damage off pretty much everything. It just makes Hulk a scarier character.
Spencer: Full conversions off of the THC, conserves the wall bounce off a throw, extra 80k at the end of a combo, taunt in the middle of it :smiley:
Frank: Gets two camera shots.
Haggar: When not-quite-next to the corner, you can follow up with Haggar stuff (most damaging followup at maxed-out hitstun is fH at the top of its hitbox, DP+L before they touch the ground, QCF+S, cr.H)
Dormammu: Either combos (fullscreen, certain hitboxes right in the corner), or resets and sets up a nice teleport mixup with the stomp.
Chris: Flamethrower followups
Phoenix Wright: Gets three evidence searches and a fH

Semi-Practical and Impractical THCs: Coming soon.

Not sure if I wanna have a “Terrible THC column” yet.

Anyway, that’s the OP for now. I plan on making this prettier and if people gimme tech, I’ll expand this into a legitimate list.

Second post reserved so I can add videos, should someone make/find them.

Hulk - Gamma Wave and Hulk - Gamma Charge both have amazing THCs from anywhere on screen. I personally play these team with Gamma charge, and it turns Hulk’s ground throw into a 1-hit kill. Airtola plays with Gamma Wave and does comparable damage, I believe.

Right, I play JDog, who converts off that all the time. How did that slip my mind?

Rather impractical but…

With Akuma on point, if you do any combo that ends in corner (or near), THC with Akuma’s Uppercut Super you can get a relaunch (after Nemmy’s ground bounce). Depends on the scaling/whatever, but you can either follow up with a j.H.S. or j.S or a reset. Most of the time, they tech so catch them there.

I use Doom’s molecular shield to get Sphere Flame - Akuma gets 1 M + in damage.

Spencer THC. Used early in a combo, like if Spencer Forward grabs, will preserve the wall bounce while giving a full combo. Turns Mashing THC into a serious threat. Used late in a combo, free 80K

add nova to this mix and it becomes 540k in the corner at max scaling!

Doom/Nemesis isn’t the best, but you have all the time in the world to dash in and go for high/low/left/right Doom mix ups, or even just throw them because they’re afraid of the Stomp.

I also wanna say there’s potential with lolPhoenixWright.

Right, how could I forget? I did a combo video with that THC. He gets evidence searches. It’s nice.