The #1 guy on XBL sucks and quits. In that order


I just beat the #1 ranked player on XBL, “Fire Dome L0ver”, so bad in round one that he quit! He was Kyo and barely touched my Terry. He quit right at the start of round 2. Amazing.

His profile says he/she is ranked 3 in SFIV and 2 in KOF98. Amazing.

I sent him a message saying “nice quit champ”, but no response yet.

Anyone else run into the champ?


wow you are a beast


No, but good job, sir.


I think with a new game the leaderboards mean even less than they do with an old one.

Currently I’m ranked #11 for truskill rank and I still consider myself a noob at this game, sure I never quit on a match but I’m also 100% sure there are tons of people alot better than me.


This is nothing new for any online fighter. The “best” player would generally be a dropper, lag abuser, or whatever.

But you get my thumbs up.


I wish this game had better online, because the game is so great. When will publishers come up with a good way to punish quitters.

I’m not that good either, this guy is just a chump.


One of the top guys on PSN is humboltjay who’s already famous for his SFIV rage quits and cheating.


aren’t the tops usually rage quitters anyways?


I was ranked #1 in Trueskill ranking for about an hour. I have no clue what the hell Trueskill(tm!) Rank is.


It’s Live. what do you expect? A polite person who will tell you smashing good show? Ignore it and play some more.


This was totally worth making a topic for.




Most of them do suck! i was playing someone who is ranked like 40 in arcade on the xbox and he sucks potatoes. i guess all of the crappy matches they play gives them points