The 10 Most Outrageously Insane Episodes of 'Jem'
That is some outrageously crazy shit right there. I almost feel tempted to watch those episodes…almost.

Jem was a secret shame of mine when I was in Junior High. I don’t remember any specific episodes though, that was over 20 years ago. :slight_smile:

What is with SRK’s sudden fascination with Jem?

it seemed random to me too but its been going on strong since like… 2010 for some reason

I’ve only seen it in the Skullgirls and FGD section of SRK.
So it pretty much doesn’t matter. I’m just pissed about it creeping in GD.

Jem was fucking awful. And every cartoon in that time had weird ass stories. So what?

It’s not in the list because it’s not all that crazy, but I liked the episode where Kimber and Stormer leave their bands and form their own duo. It was a nice break from the usual Misfits-plotting-murder angle, and those two worked well together.

But goofy Jem moments always bring to mind the security golf cart.

The Jem thing, I think spawns from 4chan. Just like the My Little Pony avatars.

If you are wearing a Jem/Pony avatar, you “get” the internet.

I hate the internet. :expressionless:

Well 4chan is usually inhabited by kids who were born in the 90’s, so they are finding these new and exciting cartoon from the 80’s to “meme” onto the internet.

I’m surprised Teddy Ruxpin isn’t being used yet.

I don’t recall the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon being all that exciting, though. And the toy itself just talked in a calm bedtime story voice.

If they want to “meme” something back, they should go for the Punky Brewster cartoon with Glomer.

Iunno, I thought the abortion episode was pretty extreme.

SuperTed should be the next meme.

YES, that is for sure one of my favorite moments of the series. I don’t know why this clip doesn’t show the end to this scene though; I could have sworn the scaffolds came falling down with even more impossible crazy physics.

The Misfits endangering lives and causing massive property damage is a huge part of what makes this show sooo much fun. I loved how they were introduced by coming in through the door on guitar motorcycles. xD

I was under the impression that the Jem thing spawned from people trying to guess who’ll be in (U)MvC3, based on hints put up by Lupi. IIRC, Jem was owned by Marvel or a subsidiary of them? at any rate, you could’ve seen Jem avys and such in the (U)MvC3 threads from 2010-2011, here and in a few forums.

If this show is rebooted the Misfits’ time machine better be central to the plot to defeat LAVOS.

Also the fight against Lavos is a music video.

Lavos already sings. Why does Lavos sing?

jem was shown at the same time as he-man and all my other favourites. for a girls show full of singing, action and skankery it wasn’t half bad. how can u hate on jem when it had villians like eric raymond


the misfits & eric raymond were constantly trying to sabotage jem by crushing, land mines, volcano, etc…you name it

Just found it, it’s at 12 minutes into this. The crazy part of the scaffolding coming down isn’t the scaffolding, but the way the photographer jumps down into the net, bounces out, and then lands on his feet and slides about 10 feet sideways.

I’d rather see them do C.O.P.S.

Was there actually an abortion episode or are you talking about this?

Jem popularity blew up on SRK because someone found out that Jem was owned by Marvel. This was before MvC3 was out. He shared the news with SRK and it blew up to meme status. People were signing petitions and shit to get Jem in MvC3, and they’d change their avs and sigs to increase awareness around SRK.

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