The 10 worst Avatars of SRK

DISCLAIMER: Don’t take this too seriously. It’s for entertainment. Consider it constructive criticism if you’re on here and you somehow see this. I’m only a dick online, so relax if you’re taking this too seriously. We’d probably get along.

Ok, I had some work party thing just happen, so naturally I’ve had plenty to drink, and I promised some people that this thread would happen when I’m drunk enough, so I am. Also, I said I’d do 25, but I’ve been drinking, so I don’t have that kinda patience. I gotta work on some music, so here’s 10. You can find the other 15 on your own. In fact, I encourage it. Makes me look like less of an asshole… or something. Fuck it. Here goes:


Not necessarily this member in general, but I just have to throw this in for good measure. Its a classic afterall


Lil Wayne is nasty. EDIT: The av has been changed :frowning:


This wasn’t so bad, until I kept seeing it while looking for avatars. The cat thing is overplayed.


Also, not as bad until I kept seeing it. I love David Cross (I think that’s David Cross), but this is kinda stupid and annoying.


Annoying. Stupid.


Edited By popular request


This guy is kind of a douchebag in general. This av isn’t very funny either. It probably shouldn’t be this high on the list, but yeah kind of a douchebag. You don’t fuck with Deezo.




Yeah, he’s an administrator. If this gets out, this will probably get me banned. Fuck it. It’s really not that bad till the end. Then it’s just stupid.

1.) This shit just makes me mad, the inspiration for the thread:

I really don’t understand how making funny faces, adding some lame ass preface and epilogue makes this funny, but apparently it was funny enough to make. To quote myself: “Actually, its not funny at all.”

So there you have it. Drunk hate from me. Like it, Hate it, whatever. It was posted. I hope you were entertained. Somehow.

I was very entertained Jeff. I think a lot of people will be happy about this thread.

Don’t hate, regenerate!

I love it man!

yes, yes you are. that avatar is gdlk. here’s the context. search for more big time smile reviews and you’ll get the point

Actually you should’ve added fishjie’s avatar to your list. That’s the ugliest shit I’ve ever seen actually.

:rofl: I was thinking the same thing when I saw it. Is that supposed to be Dee Jay?

Cracks me up everytime I see it! lol!

fishjie, I will cry if you ever change your avatar

#5 you are missing out. That shit is still classic.

#5 has been changed to fishjie’s by popular request.

Why?!?! It looks black guy getting away with crime.

I think your taste in avs is pretty bad, a few of them do suck but several are dope.

i dont know what dj is doing in that picture, is he gonna rape you or eat you?!?!?!111

oh and DIPSET

Dipset, Dipset!

I respect this, but my taste is pretty dope.

Well you didn’t know what the David Cross joke was from(Arrested Development), so I challenge this statement. AD is awesome.

I unfortunately do not have the rights to change people’s avatars, otherwise the world would be a better place.

I agree on most of those.

I like MrWizard’s - it reminds me of the Rimmerworld ride from Red Dwarf.

Well played Zach.

God damnit.

This thread needs more bunchies.

i know i don’t belong here… but that’s pretty funny stuff. especially the comments for top 3. :rofl: