The 100 BULLETS thread

So i recently finished Azarello too epic comic and I have ta say this is becoming one of my all time favs
Epic crime/conspiracy storyline that rivals even CRIMINAAAAALL!!!
So many crazy and cool characters (from Lono to Wyle to even Branch)
off the chain crazy as hell dialouge "you just saw me wax some punk bitch lickety-goddam-split and you think yer gonna pull a drop on me?, what kinda’ retard are you?"
Lots of twist
and sexy as hell art
so who didn’t read that book?

I read it. It was okay but I can’t remember the last time I read a comic where I was often having no idea who these characters are. I’m still not sure of the storyline. I know that it’s a bunch of assassins trying to kill a bunch of rich people who essentially rule the world or whatever. After that I’m pretty much lost. It didn’t help that there’s very little recapitulation of events in the comic.

Criminal’s much better since the story’s easier to follow and you can keep track of what’s going on.

It becomes clearer as the story goes on
Basicly it’s the idea that everyone is connected so every character that got an arc of more than 2-3 issues is an important character with history behind him
just keep reading thats my suggestion

and I didn’t say its better than CRIMINAAAALL(check your spelling next time) i said it rivals

That’s the thing though. I read every issue and I still don’t know what went on. I don’t know why the Minutemen were betrayed. I don’t know who the man in the hood who got set on fire was. I don’t know why they stopped the 100 bullets “game” or why it was started in the first place. The last issue answered very little.

Is there a website that explains what went on in the comic? I went on Wikipedia and found that the information was lacking.

Minutemen weren’t betrayed the trust decided that they were too dangerous so they decided to “kill” them
Man in the hood was Megan’s (the blonde chick) dad
Graves’ 100 bullets gane started when Medici told him to comprimise his principals in exchange for offering his principals to others
The game stopped cause the man who provided the bullets was murdered
all this is actuly answered in the last issue

This website makes the comic make a little more sense. A little.

i have to read the last issue…will have to pick it up when i got some good deal on it…hopefully it finishes strong…

im outi