The $1000 Tom Cannon Tougeki TvC Bounty

As you probably know, TvC is one of the 1v1 games at the 2009 Super Battle Opera tournament in Japan. You probably also know that no American has ever come close to winning any SBO tournament in any game. Since the US supposedly owns the “vs series”, I thought I’d add a little incentive. Keeping it short and sweet:

Tom Cannon (that’s me) is offering ten crisp $100 bills to the American that wins the TvC 1v1 tournament at SBO 2009. One grand. Cash.

sounds like a plan. i think this could become big. since the general consensus is japan sucks in vs games. not my opinion, just what you generally see on the forums, and the fact that we have pretty much adopted mastering vs games as some type of usa standard, everyone who can, should start putting everything they have into taking this game above and beyond, and showing off at sbo.

if tvc does not get that much love, in the coming months, on up to sbo, imagine how much light can be shined on the game, if we went to sbo, and took tvc. in my personal opinion, considering how competitive japan is with fighting games, i dont think the pride of japanese fight game enthusiast would want to take that beat down lightly, or they might, but we will never know until we take this chance to go wreck shop.

dont renege your award if it happens :wink:

edit i mean, when it happens

sounds good

Yeah it seems like everybody thinks “US rulz vs games and Justin’s gonna be totally pro” but seriously, Americans have never won anything there. Ever. This does seem like a good chance tho, just because Japan isn’t playing this as much. Granted, we have a smaller fighting game community in the US in general, but if the US takes it, I agree with jimmy that Japan would take note, and start playing it more, which would be awesome, and it would just be cool. Plus $1000.

In 2000 the american team took them down in MvC2 by a huge margin, but they lost all the other games, so I don’t know if that can be counted as a win.

If Wong and his crew or D. Hyo really apply themselves, and lay with japanese controllers so they don’t get fucked up like many other players did, I think the US has a pretty good chance, even tough single game single elim is pretty rough.

why dont you apply yourself and get at this free money

lol does this mean no v.joe/saki/genie/ippatsuman for SBO america qualifiers cause they’re console only and SBO is an arcade tourney?
would this make that standard rule set too? that would suck :frowning:

yeah, so if you practicing any of those 4 as your main, you might as well pick up some other mains too, because they console only.

thats what im sayin. i aint worried bout them dudes. no offense to them, im just sayin.

I’m trying to get some confirmation on weather those characters are time release in arcade or if they are not there at all (which I doubt, but who knows!?)

Either way, this is the hottest shit. Way to show the love, Ink!

Console characters are playable in arcade version if you bring your Wii Remote or something to that nature, so yes, they are available.

Also, MVC2 US players mopped Japan, so yes, they did win something over there.

And keep in mind, TVC is arcade.

Tom Cannon for Pres.

… in 2012.

wow ink, that is the hotness!!!

I love it when people make things interesting. BAAALLLLLLEERRRRRR.

Team America, make it happen!

Nice incentive. Make it happen US!

I wish I had the money to go to Japan. I’d make you proud. ;-;

MvC2 in 2000 is not the same thing as Tougeki. That entire event was arranged so that the BtM documentary would have a big finale, and Marvel was added at the request of the US. Japan basically scrounged up some vs players to sacrifice to the Americans. There’s a big difference.

So in other words, no one in Japan played MvC 2.

Wow we suck.

What kind of fucked up american are you? That’s not what Ink said.

The japanese MvC2 players were MvC2 players, of course, and some even went to B5 later on, but that was not the game of choice of some japanese players. Also, the team lost, but Valle owned at ST.

Maybe you suck, but guys like Valle and Wong don’t. Stop hating on your own country just because most americans don’t watch Hentai 24/7 or whatever the fucked up reasoning you have.

As for the other dude who asked, I will apply myself. We all should, but I know I don’t have the talent and experience of guys like Wong, and that’s why I mentioned him as a possible winner.

Lol, alright I don’t see what hentai has to do with this but w/e. Nobody’s hating on the US, and I’ll do my best to try and get there and rep the USA but it’s true that Japan doesn’t play Mahvel that much and that the US hasn’t won at SBO ever. Let’s do it tho, for real. Also just play this game enough, and maybe you’ll end up being better than whoever. It’s not Marvel, so who knows what’ll happen.

Oh I didn’t know this method exists!